• May 30th, 2020

Healer feeds clients with goat blood

OKAHANDJA – Police at Okahandja arrested a Tanzanian traditional healer, who allegedly fed his clients raw goat blood to cleanse them of bad luck. 

The healer, locally known as Dr or Prof Ivan who allegedly treat people with financial problems, was detained on Monday and charged yesterday.

Dr Ivan allegedly smeared the client’s underwear with coffee to free them of bad luck before telling them to take a shower at his rented flat at the town. 

The clients are then told to leave their underwear at the healer’s residence as he will apparently send them to heaven and will return them with blessings. He charged clients N$600 for two litres of milk containers, which clients bath with and drink.

But Nampol Khomas Region Community Affairs Officer Christina van Dunem Fonsech said they got the underwears thrown in the dustbin. Fonsech said the healer will be charged with theft under false pretense, illegal entry in the country, operating without work permit and being in the country without passport. 

Fonsech said the healer does not have documentation indicating that he qualifies to heal people. Fonsech said their efforts will be effortless if other stakeholders are not involved. “The whole exercise needs stakeholders and they need to come up with their own charges,” remarked Fonsech, adding that this healer is making money but not taxed.

 She said: “People are washed with goat blood. Some people are saying they are given blood two tots of goat blood to drink. He gave people herbs to drink and we don’t know where they are from,” Fonsech stated while adding the healer also sell abortion pills and buttock enlargement cream. 

Dr Ivan told reporters that he started operating after his friend returned to Tanzania and left him with a suitcase of traditional medicine. He said he has been a healer for 15 years after taking over from his father when he died. The healer has clients in Walvis Bay, Katima Mulilo, and Swakopmund. Ohangwena and Oshana regions.

It is alleged the healer threatens his clients when they fail to pay. “You will see what is going to happen in your life,” he allegedly threatened his client.

Selma Ikela
2019-07-10 09:06:50 | 10 months ago

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