• September 26th, 2020

Heavy rain causes road damage 

OMUTHIYA – Heavy rain has caused extensive damage to the main gravel road of Onyati-Onkumbula in the Oshikoto region. The road is a vital link as it connects places in Okankolo and Onyuulaye. 

It stretches over 100km at the Onyati turn off from the B1 road. The councillor of Okankolo, Hans Nambodi, said the already poor road infrastructure is now in bad shape, making it difficult for motorists to travel. 
The damage has further been extended on another 18km road that connects Onyuulaye to the Okankolo centre. “I used this road earlier today and it’s completely in a bad shape as we speak. 

On one part of the road leading to Okankolo from Onyuulaye, about 60 metre of the gravel is washed away by rainwater as it channels into a dam,” stressed Nambodi. The Roads Authority had promised to attend to the issue this week. “As a long-term, this road needs to be tarred because it connects a lot of people and it is the only better road the community can use. As much as we understand the financial constraints, something still needs to be done. 

We will write a letter to the relevant authority to reaffirm our long standing proposal,” added Nambodi. Last week, the councillor dismally criticised the lack of proper road infrastructure, citing that it has been one factor young teachers are not keen on teaching at rural schools, because it is a struggle to get access to basic services.  

Concerned community members have also taken to social media to vent their frustration with the hope that the situation can get the necessary attention for a quick remedial.

Obrien Simasiku
2020-02-20 08:23:10 | 7 months ago

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