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Helping children concentrate

2021-11-10  Aletta Shikololo

Helping children concentrate
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Established in Namibian in 2013 by Tanya Byleveldt, Biolink Attention Training agency has been offering neurocognitive training and support to, especially children with concentration, behavioural and academic challenges.

The agency was founded by a South African-based couple Deon and Karin Visser in 2008, and teaches the ability to direct and sustain attention by enhancing executive functions, as well as improving self-regulation and mindfulness – tools that can significantly improve the performance of individuals.

“I believe each child and adult can benefit from neurocognitive training, as it helps to improve executive functions, cognitive skills, memory and much more,” Byleveldt told Youth Corner in a telephonic interview.

Having taken care of her aunt who was suffering from Down syndrome for 25 years, Byleveldt said the experience has inspired her interest in mental health.

She is a qualified clinical psychologist.

“While I was in my final days of submitting my thesis, I came across Biolink, and decided this is something I really want to do. We bought the Biolink agency; my husband and I became partners in the business. Today, he serves as financial manager, while I am responsible for assisting our clients, marketing, and providing training to children, parents and teachers,” she

Byleveldt said her career goal for her business is underscored by a commitment and dedication to helping mainstream children, as well as those with learning difficulties.

“It is important to give parents hope, and to help them believe in their children and the future,” she said.

Some of the Biolink Attention Training core services include helping children and adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); poor executive functioning skills, and those who experience challenges related to learning.

The agency provides solutions to these challenges by making use of neurocognitive therapy, using the Play Attention Bodywave system.

“Our technology is designed to strengthen executive functions and self-regulation, and the transfer of activities to real-life situations. It is the only program in Namibia that offers a fully integrated learning system to improve sustained attention, but also cognitive development skills training,” she explained.

 She added, before the beginning of their sessions, a focused assessment is used to determine areas that need strengthening.

According to Byleveldt, the results are 100% objective, removing any chance of bias.

“From these results, you receive a detailed, objective look at your child’s strengths and weaknesses,” she added.

Biolink provides continuous support to parents for free through educational webinars online and live coffee chats on Facebook.

The agency also provides digital content in the form of checklists, fact sheets, eBooks, eMagazines and fun activity books that can be downloaded on their website.


2021-11-10  Aletta Shikololo

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