• July 20th, 2019
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Hitman warns Beltran to mind his Ps and Qs...ready to conquer the world again

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Sport, Sports

Otniel Hembapu Windhoek-Namibia’s veteran boxer and one of the country’s most decorated pugilists Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses has strongly cautioned his Mexican opponent Raymond ‘Sugar’ Beltran to carefully gauge his words when trash-talking about him as his words could come back to haunt him (Beltran) come February 16. Speaking at yesterday’s official announcement of his upcoming WBO world lightweight title fight against Beltran in Nevada, USA on February 16, Moses - who is a former WBA world champion and currently holds the WBO African lightweight crown - refused to entertain Beltran’s widely reported trash-talk and verbal jabs. The 39-year-old Moses said his mission is solely centred around capturing the world title and becoming a world champion for the second time, a feat he said would be a perfect adornment on his glittering career - hence he is less worried about Beltran screaming on top of his lungs throwing verbal jabs at him as that means nothing. Moses first became a world champion in 2009 when he outpointed Japanese boxer Yusuke Kobori to snatch the coveted WBA world lightweight title in Yokohama, Japan. “Preparations have been going well. I believe in myself and I am very confident. I know I will come out tops on February 16. To Beltran; all I have to say is that I was born a champion and I will die a champion. I am ready to bring the world title home and I know I can do it,” confidently said Moses. Moses said he does not need his motivation to be jumpstarted as he knows the importance and the guts required to fight at that stage, because he was once a world champion and therefore knows what to do when he confronts Beltran. Namibia’s leading promoter Nestor Tobias - who was instrumental in guiding Moses to his first world championship belt in 2009 - yesterday heaped praise on Moses and spoke highly of his hard work and patience. “I am happy to confirm that MTC Sunshine Promotions and Top Rank have signed a deal for this fight. Both Beltran and Moses are experienced contenders and we know this is going to be a great fight. It is an incredible opportunity for one of the most hardworking sportsmen in the country. He has done it before and I am confident he will do it again. He is facing a tough opponent, but he will rise to the occasion,” added Tobias. Also speaking at the same occasion yesterday, MTC’s Tim Ekandjo said: “Our investment in boxing, particularly in the MTC Nestor Sunshine Promotions has yielded world class results far beyond our expectations. The guys have been simply world class and great ambassadors for Namibia and that is because of the level of professionalism adopted in their philosophy. Come 16th February, we will as proud Namibians once again raise and fly the MTC and Namibian flag high as we invade Reno, Nevada and as we take on another giant step to stem this beautiful country’s authority in the world of boxing and sports in general”. The WBO lightweight title became vacant after English boxer Terry Flanagan, who previously held it, vacated it by moving up a weight class, thus handing Hitman (No.2) and Beltran (No.1) a mega opportunity to face off for the coveted WBO world lightweight crown. Moses holds an impressive record of 40 wins and 3 losses from 43 fights, while Beltran has 43 wins, 7 losses, 2 draws and one no contest from 53 fights.
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