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HopSol Youth League returns with sparkling action

2020-10-06  Maurice Kambukwe

HopSol Youth League returns with sparkling action
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The popular and ever-growing MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League returned to action over the weekend in the capital, with thrilling clashes witnessed in various categories, starting with the U/9’s and ending with the U/17’s.
Action commenced on Saturday in the U/17 category, with Ramblers B starting off their day with a 6-2 win over Greefies Football
Academy, while Kasaona Football Academy also started off on a high note with a dominant 4-2 victory over SKW and Athletic Club
Football Academy managed to secure a 2-0 win over Fortis Football Academy.

In the U/15 matches played on Friday at the Khomasdal fields, Kaizen Football Academy (KFA) defeated Fortis Football Academy by
4-2, while DTS also secured a 4-1 victory over Ramblers and the Physical Active Youth (PAY) team was suffered a huge 5-1 defeat to
Football School Windhoek (FSW). Electrifying action was also witnessed in the U/13 category at the SKW fields, with Football School Windhoek (FSW) beating SKW by 3-2 in the only match played on Friday. Saturday’s action started with DTS brushing aside Swallows FA by 4-2 and Kaizen Football Academy going down 3-2 to Ramblers.

In the U/12 action on Saturday, Athletic Club Football Academy demolished Physical Active Youth (PAY) by 8-0, while DTS also
recorded an emphatic 8-0 win over Windhoek Football Club (WFC) and Football School Windhoek (FSW) managed to secure an
important 4-1 win over SKW. And Ramblers concluded the day’s proceedings with a 3-2 victory over Kasaona Football Academy.
In the U/11 matches played at the SKW fields, Windhoek Football Club (WFC) A defeated Football School Windhoek (FSW)
by 4-1, while Swallows recorded a 18-0 resounding victory over Windhoek Football Club (WFC) and DTS A also bagged a gigantic
16-2 win over Ramblers, with SKW closing the day off with a 6-2 win over Windhoek Football Club (WFC) B.

The U/10 category saw two matches played on Saturday at the SKW fields, with Athletic Club Football Academy defeating Windhoek
Football Club (WFC) by 6-3 and SKW beating DTS by 5-2.
In the U/9 category, Ramblers defeated Swallows by 8-1, while SKW trounced DTS by 5-1 and Athletic Club Football Academy
1 defeated Athletic Club Football Academy 2 by 2-0 in a thrilling inter-club clash that had spectators on their toes. Swallows was also
in action against DTS earlier in the day and suffered a 10-1 defeat. 

The MTC HopSol Youth Soccer League is a professionally organised youth development soccer program in Namibia that strives to
uplift and better communities and individuals through football. The program is focussed on developing young players in the areas of
sport, academics and social areas. -

2020-10-06  Maurice Kambukwe

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