• October 22nd, 2020

Hosea Kutako airport gears up for stage 4

The Hosea Kutako International Airport (HKIA) is readying for its restart plan under the heading “Resumption of Activities” to ensure the airport is prepared upon the resumption of international flights as borders are gradually reopening under the provisions of the State of the Emergency Regulations on Covid-19.

Namibia graduated to stage 4 on 30 June to 17 September 2020, and HKIA will importantly aid the Government’s Targeted International Tourism Revival Initiative effective 15 July to 15 August 2020.
NAC Chief Executive Officer Bisey /Uirab, explained how Namibia’s flagship airport is getting ready for the resumption of international flights.
“We are working tirelessly with all stakeholders to ensure that our airport is ready as per the stage 4 regulations. We must play our part to revive the economy and are setting in motion all that is required to facilitate the resumption of commercial flight operations at HKIA as part of the targeted international tourism revival initiative,” /Uirab said.

Social distancing measures such as floor and seat stickers, messages on mandatory wearing of masks are visible at HKIA as well as sanitiser dispensers and other messages via the public service announcement system.
 NAC has also acquired thermostats and adequate materials for regular disinfections of facilities at all eight airports.
For the Targeted International Tourism Revival Initiative, a stakeholders meeting is set for today, in collaboration with the tourism and hospitality partners where further discussion on modalities will be undertaken in preparation for the commencement of the initiative.

Staff Reporter
2020-07-09 09:35:00 | 3 months ago

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