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How much do Namibian artists charge to perform at gigs?

2020-01-31  Paheja Siririka

How much do Namibian artists charge to perform at gigs?

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – Namibian artists have complained and continue to complain about the unfair treatment from event organisers in terms of payment. Some worries and deception are that event organiser tend to pay more for international acts than the local ones.
Entertainment Now! snooped around and got the willing artists to reveal their “salaries” and how they come up with such figures for performing at events.

I charge according to the type of event. If it’s a corporate show in Windhoek, it will range between N$12 000 for a semi-live show. If I am performing with a band, it will range between N$15 000 to N$18 000.
The rates for events such as expos are different, depending on the distance (transport and accommodation). Good paying clients can pay you your worth and that ranges between N$22 000 to N$25 000. The key factor is getting to the show because with places such as Oranjemund and Luderitz, one has to charge N$18 000 to N$20  000. When we performed in Pella, South Africa, we charged N$48 000 and they respected our quote.
Schools and private parties in the capital are charged N$6 000 to N$7 000. Outside Windhoek, it depends on the offer.
I must say my market price ranges between N$25 000 to N$30 000 with a band, but because of the culture of the down negotiating of artists all over, you won’t always achieve this.

Michael Pulse
Rates for artists differ, depending on what genre you do and whether it’s a live performance or live lip-syncing concentrating on a high-performance atmosphere.
Generally, rates for live performers who use bands are higher because they have to accommodate equipment and talent hire, which can be from N$7 500 to N$30 000.
Now, this all depends on your popularity also, because in your price, you can ask for – let’s say N$4 000 but then you ask them to also cater for transport and accommodation if you are travelling out of Windhoek or out from where you are based.
A lot more of the popular artists charge more and can make 5k a gig minus transport and gig fees for other towns.
But if you are an upcoming artist, your rate usually starts from as low as N$500. if you are lucky, up to 2 000k.
Some gigs pay you in exposure, meaning you perform for free to get your brand as an artist out there.

Sally Boss Madam
I charge from N$15 000 to N$40 000, depending on how many songs and the type of performance the client asks for. However, this year, we (DJ Kboz and I) are doing our shows, so my availability for public performances will be limited.

We charge around N$5 000 to N$7 000 without a band and N$10 000 with a band but we are open to negotiation, depending on the type of event and circumstances.
If we’re required to travel, then we add the travel and accommodation expenses.

DJ Kboz
My price ranges from N$5 000 to N$12 000 and that also depends on the nature of the show and how long they want me. I can do a sloppy act or come with a full band.
I am currently doing video mixing. That will add to the price if the client is willing to accommodate video mixing as well.

Sunny Boy
All I can say is that most established artists ask in a range of N$10 000 to N$30 000.

DJ Castro
Rate cards are charged upon request and that hugely depends on the type of event – whether it is outdoors or indoors, a non-profit organisation or corporate, and so forth. I am not sure revealing my rates would be the best thing to do right now. I strongly feel disclosing price will sabotage event planners that would like to book me. I can’t even give a range.

My ideal price ranges between N$6 000 to N$9 000 depending on the client. I also charge N$4 000 for activations. For expos, the range is between N$8 000 and N$10 000. A popular trade fair once booked me for N$12 000.


2020-01-31  Paheja Siririka

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