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How we did it ...Top performers speak

2019-01-11  Pinehas Nakaziko

How we did it ...Top performers speak
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During the official release of the Grade 12 National Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) Ordinal Level results for full-time and part-time learners yesterday, some learners who were declared best nationally spoke to reporter Pinehas Nakaziko.

Feliciter Rushubiza 

Feliciter Rushubiza from St Boniface College is the best overall performer nationally, who scored 86.79 percent in six NSSC Ordinal Level subjects. 
Speaking to New Era, Rushubiza says to be a top performer required hard work and dedication. “I planned my time well and knew when it was time to study and relax. I avoided procrastination and always did my things on time, and never waste any time,” says Rushubiza, adding that she feels honoured and blessed to have achieved what she have.   
She says she wants to study quantity surveying through the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust). 
Speaking about the role of her parents in her studies, Rushubiza says her parents has always believed in her, and gave her a push drive to do the best in her school work. 
“There is no secret behind my performance, I always believe in the resources I have. To be successful, believe in yourself and turn negative energy into positive energy,” she says.

Remigius Manuwere   
Remigius Manuwere from the St Boniface College is the best second overall performer, scoring 85.18 percent in his subjects. Yesterday he said he felt blessed to be involved in an auspicious occasion of the awards by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. 
He says his guardians (he does not have biological parents) have constantly pushed him to do better in his studies, and their supports and teaching got him through his studies. 

Manuwere wants to pursue a career in the field of medicine, and hopes to establish a youth league. 
“The secret behind my performance is that I am always eager to prove a point and challenge myself. With that said, my school is also key in our success a lot as we are like a machine. The principal, teachers and learners are a component that keeps working and moving together. We all need each other in order to reach a certain goal,” says Manuwere. 

Ndaamekele Ndeiweda 
Ndaamekele Ndeiweda from St Boniface College is also one of the top performers who scored 83.88 percent in his subjects. He says he is very excited at this moment, and did not expect to be part of the top performing learners. He now surely believed that hard work always pay off. 

“I can say I am a dream chaser. As I always wanted to be a dentist, and I believed my dream will come true. So I will be able to give back to society,” he says.
He adds there is no secret behind his performance, but it’s all about hard work and believing in the Lord. Being committed to everything one to do also played a major role in Ndeiweda’s performance.  “My parents and school were my motivation as they truly worked hard for me,” he says.
He advised those who did make it to never give up, as life is always filled with ups and downs. 

Mbareke Alexander 

Mbareke Alexander who is also one of the top performers from St Boniface College, he scored 83.69 percent in his six subjects. He says it’s not every day that people make their dreams a reality. Now that he have done it, Alexander feels excited and honoured, and also feeling more valuable for making his parents and teachers proud.
He wants to pursue his studies in Occupational Therapy at the School of Medicine, through the University of Namibia.
“My parents played a greater role in my studies than anyone else. They would usually buy all my stationaries and everything that I ever needed in school. They give me advice on how to study and motivated me to do better,” says Alexander.
He advised those that did not make it that life is full of surprises, and they must not give up or doubt themselves, but to stay focused. “Those writing their examinations this year, please make time your first priority then studying can come after.

Jelson Quinga   

Jelson Quinga from the Jacob Marengo scored 82.30 percent. He says this all came by the work of the Lord. “The bridge between failure and success is hard work,” says Quinga.  
He says he wants to study medicine next year, because he needs a gap year. “My mom played a very big role in my studies by supporting me, not only emotionally, but financially as well.”
He advised those who did not make it that it’s never too late to be successful because where there is a will, there is always away. “Those in grade 12 must stay optimistic and believe that through hard work, you can achieve anything,” he advised. 

2019-01-11  Pinehas Nakaziko

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