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Humiliated security guard demands justice

2023-01-05  Festus Hamalwa

Humiliated security guard demands justice

Ongwediva - A security guard, who was allegedly assaulted by a woman after he was caught stealing flipflops, has expressed his frustration over the video of the incident that went viral on social media.

The 30-year-old Jonas Simeon from Ongha village in the Ohangwena region was caught with the shoes that were hidden in his uniform at a clothing store at Gwashaamba Mall in Ondangwa last month.

“They didn’t respect my right as a human being. They embarrassed me in public when they circulated the video on social media.”

Simeon stole flipflops, colloquially known as plakkies, valued at N$300 and he was forced to pay N$900 to the shop.

“They assaulted me and they took a video. Yet, they charged me N$900 and I lost my job. This is very unfair,” he lamented.

He added this is the first time he stole from the shop.

According to Simeon, he stole plakkies because he needed them but could not afford them because of his low salary. 

He also has two children to look after.

Furthermore, Simeon said he opened a case against the woman who assaulted him; however, the police has not yet acted.

“I am, therefore, appealing to the legal practitioners to assist me and get involved in this matter to take this matter further so that this woman can be taken to court,” he stated.

Oshana police chief Naftal Lungameni Sakaria said what was done by the employees of the shop is wrong and out of order when they took the law into their own hands to beat the security guard.

“They were supposed to take him to the police and open a case against him but not violate his rights,” Sakaria said.

He added that when someone steals, they should be reported to the police instead of being beaten.

Also speaking to New Era, the store manager of the Studio88 shop refused to give his name to this publication, “I am also not supporting my colleague who assaulted the guard and took a video,” he said.

He said they had a good relationship with Simeon, as he always came into their shop to charge his phone.

“We never knew he would steal because we trust him very much,” he added.

Lawyer Kadhila Amoomo said this is unacceptable to treat a human being in such a distasteful way.

“The whole shop has failed to follow article eight [of the Namibian Constitution], which states every person’s right should be respected no matter what,” he lamented.

Amoomo added the shop was not supposed to punish Simeon to pay N$900 before the court, and it is wrong.

Shocked by the incident, human rights activist Rosa Namises said the security guard is just a person and he did not deserve such a huge humiliation to the public and his family.

Namises urged the shop’s managers to always follow the right procedures whenever someone steals from their shops.

“The security guard should not give up, and he should approach the court until this woman is arrested,” she added 

After the video went viral on social media, the public was shocked and willing to assist Simeon. 

A WhatsApp group was created to raise funds for him.

Simeon received some funds from the people, who came on board to contribute but he would not disclose the amount.


2023-01-05  Festus Hamalwa

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