• July 5th, 2020

I quit civil engineering to do fitness and media - Mootseng

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- From a path of civil engineering, Keanu Alden Mootseng decided to quit that profession and venture into fitness and media. 

How Mootseng ended up doing civil engineering is how most of us do things, because of our parents. “My father has a construction company and I just saw it fit at the time to study something around those lines to take over the business,” he justified. 

The 22-year-old said it wasn’t hard transitioning from engineering to fitness. “I already had the personality for media and I was already passionate about fitness at the time I transitioned. The only obstacle was the thought of having to disappoint my parents cause of the sacrifices they made and money they spent for the duration of the time I studied which was two years in South Africa,” he said.

He revealed to Youth Corner he has always programmed himself to choose what makes him happy. He believes that’s what is going to matter when all is set and done.

When a friend called him with an offer for them to open up a gym, Mootseng accepted it without any hesitation and tackled it head-on.
“On March, 7th, this year, I became the owner and trainer at BMS Fitness (Body, Mind, and Soul Fitness). What differentiates my gym from the others is that at BMS, we not only focused on improving people physically but mentally as well,” revealed Mootseng.

He said his gym is not like any other ordinary gym that you find. “We offer not only training programs but diet plans too, as well as consultation on mental health. Improving your brainpower is our priority,” stated Mootseng. 

In the long run with his gym, Mootseng would like to tap into philanthropic work. He wants to open a mental health institution that’s solely focused on helping people that are suffering from depression, insecurities, anxiety etc.

The fitness industry is booming for Mootseng, as the plan was to have at least 10 clients by later this year. “With pure hard work and persistence, we have managed to double that figure,” he explained.

With the passion for fitness and extra zest of love for the media, Mootseng has managed to star in a local short film The Party where he acted as a doctor. “I also did a couple of photo modelling gigs as well as fashion week which is the pinnacle of all modelling events. I recently starred in my first music video with DJ Seboa,” said Mootseng.

His words of advice to his peers is to take time with themselves. “Don’t dwell around, try out a lot of things because that’s the only way you will find out what you naturally gravitate towards. Bear in mind that failure and vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s actually, where you learn your lessons and also get your strength from. Life is truly what you make of it. If you complain and make excuses, you’re not going to get anywhere, it’s going to have a treadmill effect, ” hinted Mootseng.

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