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Improving the lives of Africans through writing

2023-03-29  Festus Hamalwa

Improving the lives of Africans through writing

Medical student Likius Hailaula penned ‘Graceless Fall of the Black’ in 2019 in an effort to empower and inspire the masses who lack hope and confidence in the colour of their skin.

The 21-year-old said the book’s theme and objective is to amplify the message of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign, a universal phenomenon that intends to erase all injustices done against black people. 

“If one follows the storyline carefully, they will realise that it is an edited compilation of my key letters and articles to the press, and speeches over the past few years as a public speaker,” he told Youth Corner.

In the book, Hailaula who is in his
fourth year and serving as the SRC vice president of the Hage Geingob Campus in Windhoek also shares some ideas and policy proposals that he believes could improve the lives of African nations regardless of race or political
affiliation, economic, social or political status.

He said his main target audience is the youth and everyone else who believes in social fairness and justice because the youth have the ability to establish a great foundation for the country. 

“They are the ones who can redefine social justice and create a harmonious world where everyone will have a fair shot in life despite your skin colour, gender, or any other discriminating factor.” 

“My book’s vision of a new attitude towards black people gives impetus to new ideas that will be game changers for all people’s growth and survival in the modern world we all live in. 

“Reading my book and any other articles on the same subject will therefore help visualise a world that delivers a shared tomorrow to all its inhabitants.” 

Hailaula said writing is addictive, and many authors will attest to this. 

“I am very young, and this can’t be the end of it (writing); so many books are yet to be written. So far, only one has been published (Graceless Fall of the black). I, however, have the most recent one which is yet to be finalised and published,” he

Hailaula mentioned that apart from rejection, most authors are faced with the challenge of creating a “well-developed audience” especially since many people dislike reading. His advice to his peers is: “There is no better time to step forward and be counted than now. The future of our country is at stake. 

“Things might seem okay on the surface, but our political foundations are very weak. If you have a passion for politics and you love people, don’t wait any longer please step up and be

The book costs N$150 and Hailaula can be reached through his social media pages on Facebook and Instagram:


2023-03-29  Festus Hamalwa

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