• June 6th, 2020

Independence did not come on silver platter - Nicanor

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP – Swapo Party national secretary of information and mobilisation Hilma Nicanor said the path trotted to independence by party cadres was not an easy one and did not come on a silver platter, as it had required dedication and commitment.

Officiating at the opening of the recent Keetmanshoop Urban district conference, Nicanor who is also the veterans affairs deputy minister, said the renewal of mandate “came as a decision of the party to ensure that after its completion all party structures will be aligned to serve at the same time’’. 

Nicanor furthermore cautioned that Swapo Party directives, like conducting district conferences, coming from the secretary general should always be adhered to since failure thereto is unheard of and unconstitutional. 

“Since the party was a liberation movement it already operated as a government as everything was already in place,” she emphasised. 

Nicanor said Swapo Party is based on the principle of discipline by party membership and functionaries and regards those that think the party will come to an end as misleading and confusing themselves since “Swapo will be there forever”. The Keetmanshoop Urban constituency councillor spoke out strongly against those who want to destroy the party by trying to bring divisions within it. 

“We must make sure to fight for Swapo the same way we did for independence,” she said. She further reminded leaders to “be vigilant to fight those who want to destroy the political party.”

Touching on the issue of independent candidates standing for president of the country, Nicanor advised them to do it on their own since “Swapo Party does not makes provision for independent candidates.” She challenged those claiming Swapo has done nothing to prove that things at places in the country are still the same as before independence.

Regarding the youth, the deputy minister acknowledged the challenges prevailing and their democratic right to demand certain things. She however stressed that opportunities previously afforded to the youth have sometimes been “thrown back in the face of the party”. 

She also warned against those who claim that the party does not allow the youth to excel. “Do not let yourself be misled, you are the future of the country,” she advised the youth.

She emphasised that “media reporting should not be aimed to destroy Swapo Party,” and in this vein she urged the media to report on what happened, but not in a manner to destroy the party. 

In conclusion the constituency councillor reiterated the call for unity within the party. “We could only win the war of liberation because we were united,” she reminded party members present. She urged that the legacy of peace and stability be continued as it has been since independence as this moves the country towards prosperity.

At the same occasion Matheus Mumbala, //Kharas regional coordinator for Swapo Party, informed party members that it was the first party district conference held this year. 

“These leadership positions contested for are not decorations whereby you can just sit in your office, since Swapo Party office-bearers are field and not office workers,” said the regional coordinator.

He advised them to make time and acquaint themselves with the party constitution and other relevant documents. In addition, he advised those who will be elected as leaders to sit down and consult with fellow members on how to focus on achieving what is expected of them on their levels within the party structures. 

“When becoming leaders, your first assignment will be to go out and mobilise party members and non-members in order to ensure they are registered for the upcoming supplementary voters’ registration,” he instructed delegates.

As a matter of concern Mumbala informed party members that during a stakeholder meeting with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) it transpired that voters can only register for the Presidential and National Assembly elections this year and then afterwards for the Regional Council and Local Authority elections next year. 

“We have to mobilise people again next year to register, but fear that voters may be reluctant to register again next year,” he said. The party member further argued that since voter registration cards make provision for all three mentioned elections, should funds not be availed for the registration process to be conducted over a two-year period.

The Swapo Party district conference for Keetmanshoop Urban took place earlier this week in the capital of the south. Fifty-six delegates were present to elect the new leadership as part of the party’s mandate renewal after every five years. The positions for district coordinator and district treasurer were unopposed, resulting in Festus Shilimela and Karl-Heinz Burger remaining in the two respective portfolios. Sigrid Uutoni emerged victorious for the position of district secretary of information and mobilisation officer.

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