• February 19th, 2020

Industry Loop: Advertising agencies!

Last week I gave credit to radio in Namibia for bringing sustainable initiatives to the listener. It’s almost festive season and I think I should continue with the good vibes. This week I almost felt compelled to highlight an incredibly key stakeholder to the entertainment industry…advertising agencies! 

Wikipedia explains that an advertising agency, often referred to as a creative agency, is a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling advertising and sometimes other forms of promotion and marketing for its clients. You might not be so familiar with them but trust me; you are familiar with their work. All the adverts on TV, print media and radio…yeah, advertising agencies. Well, not all of it, but all the cool ones #ShotsFired. Call them the behind-the-scenes gang. They pull the strings in the dark to make sure the light stays on. I have had the pleasure of working with almost every advertising agency in this country through my acting, MC and voice over exploits. Hence, the need to really applaud advertising agencies in Namibia for one key factor…involving Namibians in their campaigns. 

Advertisements on TV have become so Namibian that it makes it easy for the ordinary Namibian to identify with the brand being beamed and sommer own it as well. Gone are the days that advertising agencies would simply import adverts from their mother companies outside the country and have it played on Namibian TV. Advertising agencies in Namibia are now using Namibian models, actors, musicians, etc. for their campaigns. This can only mean great things for the entertainment industry. 

I know this may take some time but I would also like to see advertising agencies move towards using Namibian directors, writers, set companies, etc. I say it may take some time because I have often been on sets and the belief is that Namibian companies may not have reached the level of having everything a set needs but I am also of the understanding that we are getting there. However, the good work done by advertising agencies is not limited to TV adverts. 

We open the newspapers every day and see ordinary Namibians used to propel brands. If not ordinary Namibians, then its Namibian entertainers. The same could be said for radio where advertising agencies are using Namibian voices for radio adverts. Advertising agencies understand the power they have and are currently using it to propel Namibian entertainers. As a result, advertising agencies operating in Namibia are winning awards at award ceremonies like the Loeries. Great work guys. Keep pushing the Namibian identity while using Namibians. 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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