• December 3rd, 2020

Industry Loop: Entertaining politics Vol 2!

Its election time and everyone is in the mood to have their voices heard including entertainers. I for one think that entertainers need to lead these conversations. I think it’s refreshing to see
your favourite entertainer champion an ideology or some sort of cause.

Gone are the days where the only time you’d see an entertainer is when they would want something from you. “Buy my new album” “request for my songs on the radio” “follow me on social” blah blah.
I challenge people who believe that entertainers should stay away from politics and focus on their craft to take some time and look at this issue with a different lens.

Entertainers are human beings and should be accorded the opportunity to register some sort of stance on issues affecting me and you. Why wouldn’t we want entertainers to have some sort of stance on issues affecting me and you? It simply does not make any sense.

Entertainers are people on the ground. Entertainers are people who interact with thousands daily. Entertainers have face to face contact with thousands every other weekend. So, if its people who are well-positioned to understand the ordinary men struggle on the ground...are entertainers.

Entertainers are an extension of me and you. Entertainers write, draw, produce, choreograph,
direct material based on OUR realities. Why do we want to mute Entertainers? Entertainment and politics have a well-documented past in Namibia.

Try and explain your quote ‘Entertainers should just shut up and stick to their craft’ argument to people like Ras Sheehama, Ndilimani, late icons like Jackson Kaujeua and Mvula ya Nangolo...you will come off second best.

You will come off second best because that’s just not how things work. I salute the modern-day entertainers like Ees, King Tee Dee, Gazza and Big Ben and others who have either publicized their political homes or established their views on issues affecting me and you.

You are an extremely influential bunch and thus need you and other entertainers to step it up a notch and champion the political and social conversations leading up to November 27.
Use your influence to try and change our mindsets from I will not vote...why must I vote with all this corruption going on too, I will do my part and vote to help steer society into a positive social and political direction.

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email naobebsekind@gmail.com
@naobebsekind(twitter) NSK #GMTM (facebook)

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