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Industry Loop -  Give me zero, madam!

2020-11-13  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop -  Give me zero, madam!
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Whose that? Is this person from Namibia? Give me zero! Take me to the principal’s office! Call my parents! These are but some of the comments that have become a norm when media houses share stories of Namibian entertainers on their social platforms. 
These comments expose a few ugly truths about the land of the brave and its people. The first truth is that we are a bunch of unpatriotic ignorant f*cks! Yep...I ain’t about that sugar coating diplomatic life. Say it like it is. in Namibians literally do not give a doner about our own. in Namibians have no interest whatsoever about elevating our own. That’s the unpatriotic part. 

The ignorant part comes in when...instead of simply Googling an act that you really may not know, we rather opt to leave these ignorant manure comments. Which really says a lot about people. We are dumb AF! We actually enjoy these ignorant manure comments. You’d see a dumb comment like, whose this? Is this person from Namibia? Give me zero. Mark me absent, would have 30 laughing reactions. Why are we so unpatriotic (and dumb AF) though? 

Like why do we think it’s cool to look down on anything Namibian? Why do we believe it’s cool to ‘LOL’ and highlight these comments? People are people... I get it. You cannot and you will not force something on people that they just do not want or organically connect with. 
That’s ait. I get that. I’m an experienced broadcaster. Trust me...I understand the sciences. Give people what they want right? Unfortunately, people want foreign. People embrace foreign. People religiously worship anything foreign. Who am I to deny what the people want? However, that does not mean that it’s correct. That does not mean people like myself should shy away from pointing out the BS! Because that’s essentially what it is...BS! 

One other truth about these comments is that Namibian entertainers tend to be arrogant in their approach around marketing. It has to be said...we are arrogant and stay behind the comfort of our circle that hype our nonsense. Namibian entertainers HARDLY invest in marketing. Marketing for Namibian entertainers are a few FB posts here and there, a few app’ statuses and a few Insta stories. Twako. 
There’s only a handful of entertainers that I observe that invest in a radio advert, a billboard, a newspaper ad, a TV ad...etc. But even with these hardly happens. Namibian entertainers are of the opinion that media houses should market them on their behalf. Nah fam. It doesn’t work like that. Editors and station managers across the board are tired of approving articles and interviews of Namibian acts who never ever once invested in a proper advert. FYI, regardless of this annoying houses are struggling to keep the lights on. They struggle to keep it going because amongst other reasons...Namibian entertainers NEVER want to invest and pay for anything. 

Then we are surprised and catch feelings when comments like “Whose that? Is this person from Namibia? Give me zero! Take me to the principal’s office! Call my parents! hit us. The internet is there for us....they would tell you. Alright...if the internet is there for you, ousi...Why are people opting to get zero instead of entertaining the content of the post where you are the subject matter? 
Back to my point earlier...let’s stop this nonsense of leaving manure comments for clout. If you do not know an act, Google the entertainer. If you genuinely do not find anything...screenshot your Google or YouTube results and comment with that, on the post. As for Namibian entertainers...we will keep catching because people are people. These comments will not stop anytime soon. The onus rests with us to market ourselves.

NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
@naobebsekind (Twitter)

2020-11-13  Staff Reporter

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