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Industry Loop - I’m mad

2021-11-19  NSK

Industry Loop - I’m mad

I’m mad! I’m mad because Namibians refuse to acknowledge the talent we have in this country – talent in terms of arts and entertainment. That’s what this column is about by the way. Arts and the entertainment industry. 

However, this can be said about so many other industries. However, allow me to laser focus on the industries that shaped me...arts and entertainment. 

I’m mad because Namibians refuse to respect the talent we have in this country. 

I’m mad because Namibians refuse to compel the powers that be to create commercial structures where Namibian creatives can benefit financially from their work. 

I’m mad because Namibian financial and credit systems do not have a tailored scheme for freelancers. 

Ninety % of Namibian creatives are freelancers. That’s a whole pool of people who cannot get a loan without a payslip – a whole pool of people who cannot enjoy credit benefits. 

I’m mad because Namibians refuse to acknowledge the importance of arts and entertainment. Jesus, we cannot be foul-mouthed all the damn time. 

We live in a time where the quality of life is important. Your life cannot be 100% politics and business. You need music. You need a motion picture. You need radio, etc. 

I hate when I see people passing comments, such as “We have more important things to worry about. That’s not news”. 

Focus on Fishrot? It’s unbelievably ridiculous. How are we so asleep as people?

I’m mad because Namibians would pay a pretty penny to see foreign acts, worship foreign acts but seemingly shy away from our identity. 

Etse, what is about being Namibian that is so shameful, hoeka? Why are we shy to embrace who we are? Because in embracing who we are, we will surely not have a mad columnist right now. 

At this rate, we might as well re-integrate back into South Africa because it honestly is embarrassing how we, as Namibians, do not identify with ourselves and amplify our own.


Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM                             

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2021-11-19  NSK

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