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Industry Loop - It’s been a minute

2023-03-10  NSK

Industry Loop - It’s been a minute

It’s been a minute since I spoke about Namibian music or even listened to Namibian music. Namibian music has been so far down my priority list that at some point, it was just not top of mind anymore. Obviously, there are a number of factors that can be blamed for this but these are factors I will not entertain today. Instead, what we are going to do is highlight some songs that re-ignited my interest. 

What we will do for the next three editions of Industry Loop is simply celebrate the songs that are speaking to my spine! These songs are my personal favourites. This has nothing to do with Namibia’s biggest print platform, the New Era Publication or any other commercial platform that I find myself on. The songs that I am going to highlight are songs that are on repeat. These are songs that I play when spring cleaning; on my way out to a gig; and when hanging out with my circle. Industry Loop is, after all, a column based on how I see things. 

It’s no secret that I’ve always had a soft spot for Kwaito. I’m a Namibian that grew up in the GMP vs Mshasho era. Matongo Family raised me. My older siblings influenced me with the likes of Trompies, Mashamplani, Mandoza, etc. 

So, obviously Kwaito hits home for me. Hence why I lose my freaking mind every time Mabuzza’s ‘Top Notch’ comes on. That’s the type of song you put on when you just need to remind yourself that you are a monster at your hustle; that you are the boss; that you have made it this far. You play this song on full f*cking blast. The next song has to be Exit’s ‘Denzel Washington’. 

It’s refreshing to see Exit staying true to his sound. Again, it’s a song that makes you appreciate excellence. I would round off my Kwaito interest with Mega’s ‘Backspin’ remix featuring (ft.) Gazza. This song is the type of song people debate about at the carwash… “who killed who?”

 But I’ve always been a multifaceted human being when it comes to music. I like all types of music. However, you can’t have NSK and music in one sentence without mentioning Hip Hop. Karishma’s ‘Oh Yeah’ speaks to my soul! I’m not going to lie; I can’t wait for 13 April. GhettoBallerina’s ‘Storie Lorie’ ft. Tswazis and Bobby WVDK ft PhatBoy Lutor & Kp Illest’s ‘Your Majesty’ rounds up my Hip Hop interest. 

Again, I am a multifaceted human being when it comes to music. I love House! Not necessarily the noisy vibe, but House that’s easy on the ears, hence why I am obsessed with Sandra Blak ft Page (Ethnix) on ‘Lover’. Literally obsessed! Throw in ‘So In love’ by Araffath ft Chris Wayne, Tautiko & Desiree and you have yourself a good day! Oh, and if I want to really, really f**k up shit, I put on Chester Houseprince’s ‘Barcadi’. The journey continues with the next edition. So much music, so little space to reveal all of them.  Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM

* Need an MC? this point, I’m ready to also “work under the table” if you know what I mean? Contact me for a quote at 

2023-03-10  NSK

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