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Industry Loop: Kudos Radio Namibia!

2018-11-02  Staff Report 2

Industry Loop: Kudos Radio Namibia!
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Salute be to all radio stations that have genuine sustainable initiatives aimed at having a positively impact on their listeners. I have been listening to radio with a keen interest for the last three months and all I see is a Namibian radio trying to better the life of the ordinary Namibian.

 If debates about the relevance around radio still rages, today more than ever the radio is winning all these debates. I have seen competitions where radio would gift listeners with cash, furniture, cars, etc. I have seen initiatives where radio would present listeners with life changing opportunities such as bursaries and free advertising. Radio is in a good space and deserves a pat on the back. Radio has gone from over focusing on music to content. Radio has gone from allowing reckless and aimless conversations on air to meaningful and impactful conversations. 

As much as I am an unapologetic critic, I will always be the first to give credit where it is due. Yes, there are but one or two radio stations that are still extremely reckless and immature with nonsensical music. However, the majority of radio stations in Namibia are doing a fantastic job at influencing Namibians positively. 

In today’s time where the Namibian society is littered with GBV, poverty and discrimination of every kind, a massive platform like radio needs to play its part. Radio remains the most powerful medium in Namibia. Radio has come to embrace that. Radio understands that it has an important role to play in society. Namibian radio understands that they have to do their part. However, there is so much radio can do for you. If you are the “Ouf, aye I haven’t listened to radio in a long time” or “Radio ti? Ai jirrie I don’t listen to radio!” than I guess these life changing sustainable initiatives will pass you by. 

There is one initiative on one radio station where they roped in a multinational firm to sponsor airtime for SMEs. Take a second and imagine an SME that could not afford radio advertising can now advertise on radio and have their product beamed. A SME that as a result, will be able to grow and employ more people because of the business that is coming its way because of radio advertising. All made possible by radio. Do you understand now what I mean by sustainable initiatives? So yes, radio is putting its best foot forward. There is however two things that radio needs. Number 1 is corporations to jump on this bandwagon. Number 2 is for you to keep listening to the radio. Listen, enjoy and allow it to make a positive impact your life. 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
@naobebsekind (twitter)

2018-11-02  Staff Report 2

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