• July 11th, 2020

Industry Loop: Miss Namibia?  Ouf aye 

“Miss Namibia will continue to lose its social importance if organizers do not start making the event, Namibian!” Those were my words five months ago on this platform. Sowaar 5 months later...South African designer and a national costume that looks anything BUT Namibian. 

On top of that, three weeks ago I said we, as a country, suffer from “Mzansibola”. Where effects of this rather embarrassing disease are automatically assuming its better than ours in Namibia when hit with the phrase “all the way from South Africa”. Another effect of Mzansibola is seeking validation from South Africa. 

Bro... our national costume was designed by a South African and its manure! It’s another story if the costume was genuine flames...BUT ITS NOT! Even if the costume was fire emojis...I was still going to join the choir of demanding for a Namibian to design what’s supposed to be freaking NAMIBIAN!  

You know what? Even if it was a Namibian that designed that demon-like costume...I would’ve still criticized it. South African or not, that costume is manure! Remember that horrendous “save the rhino” dress that looked like the uniform of a foot soldier of the Ku Klux Klan? That was designed by a Namibian and I STILL hammered it!  

Kama the costume is structured to celebrate the strength of our country, its broad spectrum of colours of flora and fauna and the angular, ever-changing shapes of the dunes and landscapes. What about that costume screams “Namibian dunes”? What about that costume yells “Namibian flora and fauna”? Hou tog op man. Just stop it and no I don’t like it.  

Why can’t we just have an elegant and simplistic dress manga? Or a dress that would emulate one of the Namibian tribes. Would it be so terrible if our national costume were to be a Herero dress, Himba traditional attire or any authentic Namibian identity? Come on man.  

Year in year out we are the laughingstock on the international stage. Steve Harvey probably banks on our dresses year in year out to write material. Because that’s what we are...the laughingstock of the world. I’ll say it again...Miss Namibia will continue to lose its social importance if organizers do not start making the event, Namibian! 

 Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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