• June 7th, 2020

Industry Loop: My predictions: NAMA’s 2019

If I happen to get any of the predictions wrong, kindly send me a mail as it has been the case for the past 4 years at iwillnotreplybecausethisemaildoesnotexist@yahoo.com. 

 It’s been two years since Best Musical Event of the year, Entertainment Dj of the Year, Entertainment Journalist of the Year, Live Performance of the Year, Song with a Message and Acapella was scrapped and I’m still sour about it! 

Best Male Artist of the Year: My prediction will leave a few with a sour taste. You just can’t ignore what Abuti GMP has done in the last 12 months. Last year I correctly predicted Kalux and if my analyses are correct, my streak will continue this year. 

Best Female Artist of the Year: This category has a history of surprising everyone! Remember Monique English in a strong field that included Oteya and Adora? Or how about Suzy Eises that had competition from a heavyweight like Sally. As much as I want to stand by my Baainaar pride, Lize Ehlers might actually scoop this one. 

Best Album of the Year: I was really surprised at the fact that Suzy Eises beat Chikune in this category last year. Anyhow I think Best Album of the year might just be Tate Buti’s first award win a very long time.
Best Soukous/Kwasa: As much as i would’ve loved this award to go to Henties Bay, the only female in the category will win it. 

Best Single: Hip Hop went from having no song in this category last year to having two this year. This is a tough category. But hey, if you are young, wild and free...put your hands up! Best Rap/Hip-Hop: Ekse, Kp Illest...get ready to pass it on to your besti.  #IGotIt

Best RnB: All of the songs in this category are on my personal playlist. The question is, which song from this list constantly scores a repeat? #RealLove

Best Oviritje: Triple T couldn’t make it 2 in 3 years last year because of Bullet Ya Kaoko. Ouwa Uo Viritje will have a good night! 

Best Newcomer: I correctly predicted Suzy Eises last year. It will be two correct predictions in a row as my analyses point to Vaughn Ahrens.  Best Music Video: KK will mark his comeback with a win Best Kwaito: Exit will continue his dominance in this category. 

Best House: Franklin and Dee’a might cause an upset.  Best Duo/Group: PME will have a very successful evening. #CriticalButStable

Best Gospel: Isn’t it beautiful how this category has moved on from the dominating days of D-Naff? N.I.A 2016, Maranatha 2017, N.I.A 2018 and Tswazis 2019.  Best Damara Punch: T-Bozz and Staika will have big shoes to fill as they take over from Kalux.  Best Collaboration: Top Cheri, please make sure Tate Buti keeps his shirt on when accepting this award amae?   Best Afro Pop (inclusive of Township Disco): This will be Gazza’s one of two W’s.  Best Afrikaans: The former champ, Bradley Anthony might make it two wins in three years!  Song of the year: Remember, these are votes. Don’t underestimate what the south could do for Y’Cliff.   Best Traditional: This will be Big Ben’s first and last W.  Best Producer: Elvo AKA Oud maar nie koud nie! 
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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