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Industry Loop -  NAMAs predictions: weekend 5 part 2

2020-10-09  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop -  NAMAs predictions: weekend 5 part 2

Let’s recap my predictions for weekend 5 of the Namibian Annual Music Awards. I predicted Joharetha will win Best Afrikaans, Patrick, Dion and Kamtonyo for Soukous Kwasa, Mulberry for Best Oviritje and Adora will win Best Damara Punch. A detailed analysis behind my predictions is in last week’s contribution of #IndustryLoop. I’m sure if you google “NAMAs prediction: weekend 5”, it will pop up.
That aside...we need to address a few things about the second edition of the MTC Knockout project. 

First of all, a round of applause to all the personalities. Omake man! A good majority of the personalities were 100% out of their comfort zone. However, personalities like Odile “OMG”, Che “The Goddess”, Mavis Braga, Ruby “The Dime”, Katrina, Julia “Boss Lady”, Maria Napembe, Mich, OC Ebs, Luis Munana, Esperance, Anne Hambunda and myself were not entirely out of our comfort zone because of our experience with “Camera, lights...action”. 

However, that by no means made the task at hand any easier. Remember these personalities had to learn lyrics in languages that they do not necessarily speak, had to learn how to sing while keeping a rehearsed shape and choreography with the pressure of the whole country tuned in to witness them take on something that they’ve never done before. 
Oc Daisry Mathias and Esperance really got me emo because I miss church. Mitch probably sang eerste stem in primary school or something. I think Oc Ebs enjoyed the dancing more...LOL. Leon is your classic example of a Namibian that will fit anywhere in this country. Probably one of those people that grew up with multiple cultural influences. I saw weird criticisms that were directed towards Luis “Luis Boy” Munana’s efforts...weird because I actually think Luis nailed that sh*t! 

Harold Akwenye “Mr melt your girl with his grey beard” and Collin Benjamin “abuti perfectionist” tog tried their best...shem. Julia did the things. Oh and don’t worry ousi, we think you wore it better. #NickiOutfitWhatWhat. The only thing missing from ST’s performance was a panga. Dimbulukeni can lowkey add artist to his profile. Honourable Emma, that kick move is exactly what the ancestors ordered to knock out not only GBV, homelessness but also corruption. Next time Lioness performs...she needs to invite Robyn onto the stage! Kunene region, I think it’s safe to say your region is in safe hands. Governor a boss omes. 
Katrina did justice to Cassidy with her cool kid attitude on that stage! Awe! Neville Basson as Dj Vuyo? Eish, don’t worry malume..we’ll get em’ next time. Abuti Ricardo proved why he will forever be Namibia’s most loved coach! That Oka-Manneti brought back some dope memories. Leah was born for the stage! Natasja is EVERYONE’s spirit animal! Maria Napembe solidified that she’s the better rapper (than KP mos). 

Isack “Mr Forever Young” needs to perform the next time the Brave Warriors play. His performance will give the boys energy. Che...thank you for proving that Radio presenters are MULTI-TALENTED!
I actually believe Merja and Vaughn need to think about doing a song together. Odile probably had that one ex (you know that one ex that one hates with a passion?) in mind when she was doing ‘hou op lieg’. I think we all tog know who the Beyonce of the group was with Tim, Melvin and Tate Licky mos nuh? The passion in Mavis’s eyes though when she was doing that ‘Johnny’ number? Yarukeekuro took us back to Okakarara mbuae. JJD ‘slimkat’ man omes. I think you redeemed yourself after that knockout during the first edition of the project. We’ve got another spirit animal in Twapewa! Laz? Nah...let’s make it King Laz! Oc Maggy and Kazembire Declared Illigal rona’d that stage! Fantastic night...well done MTC!
 Next weekend’s virtual staging of the NAMAs features Best Hip/Hop & Best R&B, Best Pan African Artist and Song of the Year. D R A M A!!

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
@naobebsekind (twitter)

2020-10-09  Staff Reporter

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