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Industry Loop -  NAMAs predictions: weekend seven

2020-10-23  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop -  NAMAs predictions: weekend seven
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Mara it was DRAMA galore at the 6th edition of the Namibia Annual Music Awards virtual show! I predicted Ghetto Ballerina for Best Hip Hop but Cassidy pulled a fast one on em’! 

Cassidy’s win means Ru CuteGeek is the only female rapper to have won this award in the 10 years of the award’s existence. 
I predicted DJ Spuzza for song of the year but PDK performed the perfect tombstone piledriver on the kids, bro. PDK’s win brings their tally to 4 wins! The scary part is that PDK stands a chance of chopping more awards because they are nominated in one more category (Album of the year) and could go all the way to win the All-Time Fan Favourite and Artist of the Year!

 I nailed the Best RnB category because I predicted Ethnix would win it and they did! I guess the judges decided to go for a Namibian RnB sound after all. Ethnix avoided the ultimate shame of walking away empty-handed this year after being nominated five times. But it’s only over until the petite lady says it’s over because they still have to compete for two more awards... Best Album of the Year and Best Newcomer. 
I predicted Master KG for Pan African artist of the year but Dj Zinhle ended up beating heavyweights like Diamond Platnumz and Prince Kaybee, including her baby daddy, AKA. Another lousy score of 1/4. 

Let’s look at Weekend seven of the Namibia Annual Music Awards. The nominees for Best Album of the Year are Ethnix with Made In Namibia (MIN), KP Illest with Faith & Favour, PDK for Grateful, Rose Blvc for Forbidden Fruit and Sally Boss Madam for Lucky Girl. All of these albums were also nominated for Best Producer and Hoppy Mwiya won it for his work on ‘Forbidden Fruit’ by Rose Blvc. It would be crazy to think that the judges will award the producer of the album and not the actual album. With that said, 1 + 1 is togoba 2 mos... Rose Blvc will win album of the year! 

The nominees for Best Female Artist are Adora, Lize Ehlers, Monique English, Rose Blvc and Sally BossMadam. Quick fun fact... Adora has never won the biggest female award on the table at the Namibia Annual Awards. Could this be her year? Monique English won the category in 2017 while Sally won it in 2018 and the current holder of the title is Lize Ehlers. Oteya is the only other female artist to have won it twice by virtue of Gal Level in 2011 and in 2015. Will Lize Ehlers do something that no female has ever done before... which is to win the award back to back? 

Could Monique English surprise everyone AGAIN and win it? Or perhaps Sally BossMadam will win it, which will include her in a very special class as Oteya (winning it twice)? The real dark horse here is Rose Blvc... she could pull a City Police speed trap on everyone! My final prediction? Adora will be crowned Female Artist of the year!

 The nominees for Best Male Artist of the year are Cassidy Karon, Dixon, DJ Castro, Kp Illest and Sunny Boy. Astonishingly, none of this year’s nominees have ever won the award! Could Dixon add to his certified title of Damara Punch King with this award? 
How about the shock factor that will come with Cassidy, Castro or KP Illest if either one of them wins it? Sunny Boy had an incredible 2019/2020. His first award in the NAMAs era only came a few weekends ago... it would be something out of this world if Sunny Boy ends the NAMAs era with the biggest male prize on the table. 
My final prediction? Sunny Boy will be crowned Best Male Artist of the Year. As for Artist of the Year, I believe PDK stands a great chance of taking over from Lize Ehlers. 

Next weekend’s virtual staging of the NAMAs features Best Newcomer, Artist of the Decade and All-Time Fan Favourite. D R A M A
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email
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2020-10-23  Staff Reporter

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