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Industry Loop - OTU Vol 1!

2021-02-05  Staff Reporter

Industry Loop - OTU Vol 1!
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OTU...”On The Up” is an official list that we launched late last year. OTU will be published three times a year. OTU will give you and the rest of the country a clear picture of which artists are on the up and deserves a chance to sit alongside the Kings and Queens of the Namibian entertainment industry. 

These are artists that you do not know. They are underground but deserve a chance. If you happen to know any of the acts on an OTU list...then you are a true lover of quality music regardless of status. The official OTU list has one criteria and one criteria only...good music. If the music is WILL feature on this exclusive list.

This first edition of the OTU official list late last year revealed and highlighted three acts. Royale a female Afro-pop/RnB artist from Grootfontein that’s currently being managed by Woosh Records, a group from Omaruru who call themselves “The Fam” consisting of BJ, MarvinTheRat, Coco, Eli, Nxase with associate acts like Tricko, Dj Tevin & Tjipee and Tukondjeni AKA Maniak from the capital, managed by 061 music.  An update on these three acts...Royale is working on new music, so is The Fam and Maniak hosted a listening session for his new album. Such is the power of the OTU list.  With our first (of only three) edition of the OTU list, we would like to introduce you to The Smith, Dark vapOur and Yeezur. Based in the capital, The Smith is no stranger to the music industry having been part of the insanely talented RnB group 3DB (Brooklyn, Bobby and Ponti) in 2013. However as a solo brand...he is yet to reach the high’s of RnB stars like Jaleel, Desmond and Michael Pulse. The homie is extremely talented as he can sing and rap. His song “True talk” was recently added to the Fresh FM playlist. His sound is R&b and Hip Hop. Pretty much similar to Maniak’s he is finally branching out and I believe he’s got something.  Staying in the capital...Dark vapOur, straight out of Wambu lokasie is a singer and rapper that has the potential to F*CK SH*T UP! She got the attention of very influential people with her vocals on Dj Xavi’s ‘Dengelenge’. Her sound is also R&B and Hip Hop. But I doubt that she is limited to this genre because I’ve heard her vocals on house, afro-pop and Kwaito beats. She is a Sally and Lioness all in one. Possibly better! Mark my words...2021 will be a huge year for Dark vapOur.  The final act to feature on the official OTU list is a 19-year-old from Otjiwarango who literally has his whole E.P playlisted on a number of commercial radio stations. 

Yeezur, is a breath of fresh air, I tell you. Signed to Ynot records, Yeezur is adamant that he is an Afro-Pop kind of guy.  Dear industry insiders, media, promoters and music lovers...take it from someone who has been an industry analyst for over 10 years, The Smith, Dark vapOur and Yeezur deserves a chance. Listen to them, book them, and fan them. You will not regret it. The first edition of the official OTU list 2021, exclusive to the biggest newspaper brand...done and dusted. Check out their music and let me know what you think using the hashtag “OTUList”.
Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM
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2021-02-05  Staff Reporter

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