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Industry Loop - Power MC

2022-08-12  NSK

Industry Loop - Power MC

The art of power emceeing is an ancient discipline that has long been part of the entertainment and arts culture. 

The debate around the need for a power MC is a conversation that is as old as time. 

An exaggeration? No; not really. For as long as clubs, lounges and bars exist, the debate will always rear its head. The question club owners and managers always have to interrogate is, do we need someone who will activate the crowd or let the music speak for itself? If one does decide to have someone, who will be best qualified for such a post? There are a few characteristics to look at when on a hunt for a talented power MC. 

A power MC needs to have an infinite love for music – someone who genuinely understands music. A power MC is someone who can continuously adapt and reinvent oneself – someone that can jump on the latest trend, understand it and nail it.  A power MC is someone who genuinely loves people. You will not be able to pull this off if human beings annoy you. As so often happens, a power MC becomes the face or voice of the club.

A power MC will be the point of reference, which means people are always in your face. 

You and your significant other will need to be comfortable with that.  A power MC needs to have discipline; discipline can mean anything, right? 

Discipline in this space simply means your power MC must be able to understand there is a difference between what you are doing and what people are doing.  People come to the club to have fun.  The art is to make it seem like you are also having fun with them.  But in fact, it is work for you, but you do not make it obvious to people that it is work – that requires discipline. A power MC is someone that needs to have a commanding presence. 

This “commanding presence” will help you manage the stage with ease.  If you do not have a commanding presence, you will see a situation where DJs play beyond their allotted time. 

You will find yourself sidelined by “guest” entertainers.  You will find yourself at loggerheads with club management because, well, everyone is doing whatever they want on stage.

Allow me also to highlight what power emceeing is not.  Power emceeing is not talking throughout the whole song.  Power emceeing is also not talking throughout a DJ’s set.  Power emceeing is identifying the climax of the song and taking advantage of it. 

Power emceeing is identifying the climax of the DJ’s set and taking advantage of it. 

Power emceeing is striking a good partnership with the DJ.  Trust me when I say this – it is annoying AF when a power MC talks unnecessarily throughout your favourite song.  Essentially, a power MC is there to create an infectious vibe that will inspire people to spend! To all my power MCs, let us get it right. 

Harness your craft to a point where it is flawless to avoid the need to have South Africans take over that space. 

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM


* Need an MC? I do not post naked pictures or have 100k followers but after 10 years of MCeeing, I think I can do the job. Contact me for a quote at

2022-08-12  NSK

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