• July 2nd, 2020

Industry Loop: Staying with fashion...

What does the Namibian fashion industry need to do to make it onto the shelves of multinational brands like Jet, Edgars, etc.? It’s no secret that the majority of these clothing multinationals from South Africa are doing nothing meaningful for the ordinary Namibian except make millions per branch and ship it down south.

The least they could do is avail shelf space to Namibian clothing brands. For years, pundits have been gagging the question of quality down our throats. Apparently, our clothing brands are not quality enough to be accorded shelf space in these clothing multinationals. That point could hold water in 2009 but times have changed. 

There are quality Namibian brands on these streets. So much so that Gweri Vintage Socks made it to the shelves of a furniture powerhouse, Nictus. That really is just but one of the examples of the quality of Namibian clothing brands. 
We have come a long way from just buying a shirt from China Town and slapping a logo on it. Leaders of the industry have turned a new page with their methodologies around quality. 
We are at a point where we are doing everything from scratch. We are sewing from scratch! If that is not quality then I don’t know what is. 

It’s high time we start taking these multinationals to task. Most of these clothing multinationals from South Africa don’t even use Namibians on displays in shops. Everything is from outside. They hardly follow our holidays and have our workers work almost slave-like hours. How can we allow this in 2019? 

How are we happy with the fact that we are unable to find “Namflava” kicks in Legit store? Why are you ok with not being able to find a //Concept jacket in Pep? 

Who is in charge of regulating and advancing Namibian interests in this industry? As far as my eye can see, whoever this person is does not deserve their job! There is not a single shred of Namibian identity in these clothing multinationals. In what world is that ok? 

Our people are made to believe that their own are inferior. The fact that Namibian products and wear cannot make it onto the shelves in these clothing multinationals in 2019 is simply astonishing!

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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