• July 16th, 2020

Industry Loop: The double standards 

I am so sick and tired of people telling Namibian entertainers to be humble. 
Namibian entertainers have walked the humble street for years but still no notable success to show for. The same people who dish the humble pie are the same people who barely walk into a shop and buy Namibian music. The same people who lecture Namibian entertainers to be humble are the same people who would rather stay home as opposed to support Namibian actors at a theatre play. 

The same people who lecture Namibian entertainers on the humble subject are the same people who worship egotistic internationals like Beyonce, Davido and AKA. These people literally stay pegged to this egotistic internationals’ social pages. They don’t miss a single update from these egotistic maniacs. Yet when Kalux poses with his ride…oh you must humble yourself.  When Meriam K posts her travels…oh humble yourself sisi. But the second Boity or Wizkid does the same its “Oh this people are really living their best life, wow…I love them so much”. 

Ano, what am I missing here? A case that recently irked me is how people want to press Slammer for his recent ego antics. He is a rapper! Jirrie what do you expect from a rapper? All your favourite rappers are certified egotistic maniacs. Kanye West for one!  Why do you want to press Slammer or any other Namibian rapper for that matter? Drake, Eminem…the list is endless. These are acts that you worship. Again, don’t give me the whole “the Namibian industry is developing” manure. 
The industry is still in its infant stage because of people like you who hold Namibian entertainers hostage with the humble fallacy! So just, stop it, ok? Just stop! In this country if you are humble it’s anyways seen as a perfect opportunity to take advantage of you. 

It is time Namibian entertainers own up to what they need to be. It is time you understand that the line of work they are involved in requires a good degree of ego. It is time that you get it through your thick skull that Namibian entertainers have worth and deserve whatever riches owed to them. Why do we think so little of our own huka? Why the people beyond our borders always doing better than your own people? Please just stop. Stop the double standards!  
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

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2019-02-08 12:52:00 | 1 years ago

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