• July 5th, 2020

Industry Loop: Theme songs

Why are theme songs in Namibia always so damn corny and downright terrible? They always sound so forced and weird. I mean honestly, the last time a theme song actually impressed me and captured the imagination of the ordinary man on the street was PDK’s “We cele”. 

PDK’s “We cele” resonated with everyone! Man, that song did wonders in terms of national pride. “We cele” played in every cuca shop in the hood in this country. “We cele” was blasted from boots during normal chills. Bruh, they used to playlist “We Cele” in the clubs! Rest assured someone was born as a result of “We cele” #2000sBabies. 

One could perhaps argue that the song’s popularity was due to the silver jubilee celebratory mood in the country at the time. Whatever the case may have been… “We cele” was an unbelievable success. I bet you, if you play “We cele” at any gathering this weekend, people will still go crazy four years after it went viral! 
I never believed in this outdated practice of having 100 musicians on one theme song. We need to learn from the success of “We Cele”. How many musicians were on “We cele”? When was the last time you heard of a theme song that went viral with a 100 musicians on it? 

The success of “We cele” could be because PDK composed it on their own. The success of “We cele” could be because PDK tapped into their existing chemistry to create this national hit! What good can possibly come from having 100 people on one song?  

Here’s my suggestion for future theme songs. Rather have an album of theme songs. That way each creative can work on their own song in their own comfort and creative space. This is the only way you will get a product that will resonate with everyone. 

Forcing a musician to squeeze themselves on a song with 99 other creatives is just stupid. No musician deserves that. Dare I say musicians need to turn down these theme songs that will force them to say two words on the track! 

Honestly, it’s just stupid! However as per case with theme songs…the money is mos always good. In these economic times, ain’t no way we turning down that good money mos of mati? On a serious note though, rather use that money to invest in a full album. Imagine a whole album of dope theme songs from all your favourite musicians? Similar to what Omalaeti has been doing with their compilations. 

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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Loide Jason
2019-06-28 12:06:40 | 1 years ago

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