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Industry Loop - This festive...   

2021-12-03  NSK

Industry Loop - This festive...   
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One thing that I’ve always been critical of is the wholesome customer service experience one gets at a nightclub or lounge. People always want to be scenic with my demands that these spaces ought to make an effort to make your experience there worthwhile and safe. “Ag it’s a nightclub NSK, it’s really not that deep” is but some of the comments I always get. 

Whether it’s deep or not, nightclubs, bars and lounges need to make a conscious effort to accommodate people. It’s been a tough year. This was one of those years that one actually went through hell, trying to earn the coin. Owners of these joints need to understand this. 

My demands over the years for a more convenient and customer-centric approach from clubs, bars and lounges have really been straightforward and simple: ample and safe parking, proactive security, clean toilets that get serviced at least every hour right throughout the night, a counter that services customers quick enough to avoid making them wait for hours, and GOOD MUSIC with QUALITY SOUND! Is that too much asked?

I ask this because this is not the first time I write about this. The need to continuously highlight this is a direct result of owners of these clubs, bars and lounges still getting away with doing the bare minimum in ensuring safe parking areas, competent security, clean toilets, well-equipped counters to deal with the demanding nature of customers. As a people, we need to hold these spaces accountable.  

They get away with it because we do not do or say sh*t, hence validating some of the appalling conditions at the spaces.

It really is my sincere hope that we wake the f*ck up and demand better as a people from these spaces. 

You need value for your money. Why are you spending money at a place that has no parking? Why are you spending money at a place where your vehicle is not safe? Why would you spend money at a place where you literally cannot use the loo because of the filthy state it’s in? Why spend money at a place where the music is annoying? We really need to be kind to ourselves and demand more and better. 

Re-evaluate your favourite hang-out spot. It’s nothing personal. You need to do what’s best for you and your money. 

You will not compromise your time by standing for hours at a counter begging for service. You will not compromise on the quality of music and sound. No more compromises this festive. It’s your money and you deserve better. 


Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

NSK is a professional MC. For bookings, email

@naobebsekind (twitter)

2021-12-03  NSK

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