• July 9th, 2020

Industry Loop: We got that Southern African buzz!

There is this new buzz around Namibian entertainment in Southern Africa. There will always be long debates as to what caused this buzz. As a credible commentator on entertainment in the country, take it from me, Namibian artists need to take credit for this one. 
Namibian music is all over Southern African music channels. Namibian music videos are airing in South Africa, Botswana, ESwatini, Lesotho and Zambia. We still need to fight that good radio fight though. Namibian music is still far from hitting Southern African radio. However, let me not take away from what I am trying to highlight…which is that buzz and attention from our neighbours. About those spin offs, Southern African entertainment commentators, influencers and general players have been making contact with their Namibian counterparts. I have certainly been in contact with a number of commentators, influencers, radio presenters from across the borders that simply want music from the Land of the Brave or want a better understanding of what we can offer. 
Trust me; it will pay off soon. However, do not get too excited. Many have tried before us and struggled. Many compromised too much to please their counterparts in the region. Hence why we still do not have enough Namibian actors and TV presenters on mainstream platforms like Suidooster and Supersport.  Hence why we still do not have enough Namibian content on DStv platforms. So as much as there is an apparent buzz regarding what Namibian entertainers can offer, we still need to exercise caution and make sure whatever we agree on with our Southern African counterparts, must ultimately benefit you and your fellow Namibian entertainers. 
If you got a gig to perform in South Africa, would it kill you to put in a good word for a fellow artist on the possibility of including them for the next show? If you got an audition coming up in Zambia, would it not be better to go there as a squad of Namibian actors to increase the chances of making it? 
Would it not i make more sense if you scooped a slot on radio in Botswana to include Namibian content on your slot? Do not forget your fellow Namibian entertainer. The Nigerians are moving as a unit in Southern Africa, hence why they are making it! South Africans are ganging up on everyone, hence why they are making it on the continent. It is in your best interest to move in a Namibian squad. Let us gang up on the Southern African scene and take advantage of the buzz we currently have around us!

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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