• July 7th, 2020

Industry Loop: Wish list: Miss Namibia 

In 2016, on this platform, I said Miss Namibia will continue to lose its social importance if organisers do not start making the event, Namibian! That’s my wish for this year’s edition of the event. Make it namibian! I am so sick and tired of national events not reflecting the true spirit of the land of the brave. Organisers of Miss Namibia 2019, please let it not be the case this year (that it’s anything but namibian).   

I do not take pleasure in criticising the pageant year in year out. I haven’t said a single good thing about the pageant since 2016! The staging of the event has been a mess! Mbuae, I really want to heap praise on the pageant this year. Maybe because I have about two favourites of mine that made it into the final 12. But also maybe I just want to see the bloody pageant stage a world-class affair. Is that too much to ask?
Contrary to popular belief, Namibians can stage world-class events. Contrary to popular belief, Namibians do have the skills, knowledge and street-know how to stage a world-class event. This year’s edition of the pageant already started on a rough note with what one can only call questionable semi-finalists. Anyhow, the final cut was administered and the final 12 look unbelievably great. 

So, my wish list to this year’s edition of Miss Namibia…can we start with the music? Let us make the music Namibian this year asb togoba. From the music, the girls will be strutting their skills on to the performers. No, it is not ok to have a Namibian do karaoke on international songs. If you do not have access to Namibian music, please consult radio presenters or DJs. But not these new DJs that only play house.

Consult DJs who play at weddings. Consult DJs who popularised Namibian genres. If we are going to have someone do a live rendition of the Namibian anthem, let it be someone who can actually sing. 
Also on my wish list are the questions you ask during the top five presentation. Organisers of Miss Namibia 2019, please make them Namibian questions and make them relevant. Questions like “If you could have one day where you could do anything without facing consequences, what would you do?” is just not going to hold water. 

Questions need to challenge contestants on social issues facing Namibians. We can’t have a Miss Namibia on the international stage, who is clueless on socio-economic issues of the country. One last thing, trivial as it may seem…please do not make the girls introduce themselves after doing an opening dance. 
Dancing requires a bit of energy and to force them to talk after having done a two- to three-minute routine means that almost every contestant will be out of breath. I don’t think I am asking for an arm and a leg. I am enthusiastically looking forward to heaping praise on the pageant after its staging! 
Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!
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