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IPC candidate prioritises food security

2020-11-03  Staff Reporter

IPC candidate prioritises food security
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Paulina Moses

Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) candidate for Omuthiya constituency David Uusiku says once elected into office, he will work hard in ensuring food security and water provision for the local people. 
“I look forward to having earth dams excavated for water harvesting and establish horticultures in our villages, so that we can curb hunger, poverty, unemployment and importing vegetables from other constituencies,” Uusiku said.

The IPC candidate believes the current leadership has not delivered and he is ready to make good on those promises not fulfilled.
 “There are so many projects that we have been told of in the past five years.  The construction of a vocational training centre, multipurpose centre and Omuthiya community hall. I will make sure to follow up on these and ensure the work is done so that residents can get what is meant for them,” he said.

Uusiku stated that his political campaign is based on facts and truth and his target audience includes both the young and old. The young politician said that his focus is mainly those in remote areas and lack of good road infrastructure will not deter him from reaching out to them. 
“I listened to their complaints and appreciation. It is where I got to know what I have to do when I get in the office. Even if I go to a certain area and get stuck in the sand for three hours, if people from there did not raise it as a concern, it is not for me to bring it up for them. People have their priorities and I have to honour them,” he stated adamantly. 

Asked whether voters are well informed about the different candidates, parties and policies in order to make the right choice when casting their votes, Uusiku responded by stating that because of the Covid-19 lockdown, political candidates are not as informed as they should be. 
“We did not really manage to talk to all people and make them understand our policies.  ECN gave a very short time for the campaigns. But even within this short period of time, we are making waves and victory is certainly ours,” said the 35-year-old candidate who is a teacher by profession. Uusiku is up against Samuel Shivute of Swapo. Only IPC and Swapo have registered candidates for the Omuthiya constituency.

2020-11-03  Staff Reporter

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