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IPC rubbishes disunity talk

2022-11-21  Eveline de Klerk

IPC rubbishes disunity talk

WALVIS BAY – Talks that the Independent Patriot for Change (IPC) is planning to replace Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes with deputy Saara Mutondoka were dismissed as a conspiracy theory to cause a rift among IPC members.

Speculations were that IPC opted to withdraw Forbes from the ceremonial position and move him to their headquarters in Windhoek.

Local authority reshuffles are earmarked before the end of this year, and political parties often use this opportunity to make changes in their office bearers.

IPC currently holds four local authority seats at Walvis Bay.

However, Forbes, who also serves as the vice president of IPC, during a recruitment drive at Walvis Bay on Saturday, indicated that IPC does not make decisions to push personal agendas but for the common good of the residents of the town.

“We are a party that puts principle above privilege. We are not about positions and are united from the root. Therefore, we cannot be moved by desperate attempts to divide us,” Forbes said while welcoming new members into the party.

According to him, IPC is on course to restore the dignity of Walvis Bay residents and cannot allow themselves to be misled by dividing tactics.

“They even offered our councillors positions in their parties. Therefore, we want to inform those who went behind our backs to conspire their attempts don’t move us. Come 2024 and we will take over the governing ranks of this country,” Forbes said.

Meanwhile, IPC on Saturday welcomed over 260 new members at Walvis Bay, who include various fishermen as well as an Otweya committee member, Nehale Iya Mpingana. 

The party went on a recruitment drive in Narraville, where they conducted door-to-door campaigns to recruit more members.

Speaking during the gathering, the regional chairperson of IPC, Aloysius Kangulu, said they started with the recruitment drive three weeks ago with the aim to increase their membership.

“We will keep on marching to ensure economic and social progression and are happy that our membership numbers are increasing on daily basis. It is a positive sign and shows we are strengthening ourselves,” Kangulu explained.

According to him, Namibians are looking upon IPC to rescue Namibia from the Fishrot-tainted ruling party.

New IPC member Olsen Katzao said he has never supported a political party but felt he should join IPC. 

“I joined IPC because everybody must eat – not only one party,” he said.

2022-11-21  Eveline de Klerk

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