• September 21st, 2020

Irimari sets tone for Oshana’s future

Malakia Nashongo

OSHAKATI - The newly appointed governor of Oshana Region Elia Irimari yesterday urged the region’s leadership to lead towards sustainable prosperity.

“As the regional leadership, we have a duty to address the challenges of youth unemployment, cycle of poverty, the gap between the haves and have-nots, societal evils, gender disparity, drought and slow economic growth in our region,” he said.
As a result, there is a need for a realistic approach to tackle the immediate socio-economic issues facing Oshana Region and a need to intensify the efforts to building a bright future for the benefit of both the current and future generation, the governor told the congregation.

He urged the leadership of the region to work together to enhance service delivery within the public service and strategically position Oshana as a great region of excellence.

 The new governor said he will focus his commitment to serve the Namibian nation towards social economy development, environmental governance, regional environmental planning, youth and human development, cultural and agricultural economics of the region.

Strengthening unity of purpose, improving service delivery and denouncing wastage of government properties and accelerating implementation of developmental projects are also his priorities.

He intends on addressing youth unemployment and poverty through entrepreneurship, developing agricultural sector, creating a regional motor for rebranding, marketing and promoting harmony and unity in the region and to cultivate a culture of public participation and stakeholder’s engagement with the general public, local authority, parastatals and non-government organizations.

He made this remark during his first consultative meeting with the leadership of Oshana Region.

*Malakia Nashongo works for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Oshana 

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2019-04-11 08:48:24 | 1 years ago

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