• May 25th, 2019
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It’s business as usual for ‘Auto Pilot’ NFA … out-of-contract SG still in the driving seat

WINDHOEK – The inability of working together in harmony between outgoing president of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) Frans Mbidi and his right-hand man Barry Rukoro, has effectively rendered the association an ‘Auto Pilot’ institution.
Constant failure of collective leadership has left the entire NFA executive vulnerable with many football pundits believing no-one should escape blame from the current quagmire in which domestic football finds itself entangled. 

The long-standing frosty relationship between the two football heavyweights has had a negative impact on the overall administration and progress of football in the country to the extent that the national Olympic team missed out on qualification for the global showpiece. 

This has obliged the portfolio ministry in conjunction with the country’s sport governing body, the National Sports Commission (NSC), to seek FIFA’s divine intervention. 

FIFA wasted little time and dispatched a “peace-keeping” delegation to Namibia to acquaint themselves with the current state of affairs including logistic details in order to set up meetings accordingly. 

The delegation held discussions with all relevant stakeholders and made the following proposals: The gathering resolved that the NFA executive whose term of office has already expired would play no further part in the affairs of domestic football since their extension was conducted against the spirit of fair play.

New Era Sport has it on good authority that FIFA in conjunction with the line ministry and the sports commission will announce the appointment of an Interim Committee during the course of this week as per the terms of reference. 
Meanwhile, it has also emerged that the NFA out-of-contract secretary-general Barry Rukoro will remain put until an interim successor is appointed to manage the much-anticipated regional and national election processes.

Carlos Kambaekwa
2019-01-07 09:59:24 4 months ago

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