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IUM strives to make graduates employable

2020-02-14  Paheja Siririka

IUM strives to make graduates employable

Paheja Siririka

Founder of the International University of Management (IUM) David Namwandi says the institution will continue to promote placements and work experience for students. 

“This year, once again, IUM vows to continue with student employment as part of our contribution towards creating internship opportunities for students. 
We believe the education of our youth is a shared responsibility and we have to support the government to achieve this goal,” said Namwandi, who was speaking at the official opening of the 2020 academic year this week.

Namwandi said for an institution to have a meaningful impact, it needs to create and ensure innovative students are molded to conform to the fifth industrial revolution. He said the impact and quality of any education system could only be assessed based on the products that pass through such a system. He categorically stated that if any prospective student is there to get a job after graduating, they are sadly mistaken. 

“If there is any student in this hall who is here to study, graduate and aim is to get a job, you are in the wrong place. IUM is here to enable you to go out there and be a job creator,” exclaimed Namwandi. At the same occasion, CEO of the Development Bank of Namibia Martin Inkumbi believes a good education makes an individual develop personally, socially and economically.

“Education makes us dutiful; it helps us acquire skills and knowledge that will impact our development in life,” said Inkumbi. He, however, stated that a particular set of qualifications would not be enough to sustain one in the long run. “You need to be able to abreast your knowledge and for the decades that lie ahead. 
Supplement your formal studies with your investigation and learning. Find out about emerging methodologies, practices and innovations. Where possible, attend public talks, register for short courses and explore online,” Inkumbi said. He further mentioned the importance of artificial intelligence and computing. “Those who can operate in a highly automated environment will be those who are the most prized in the workplace. 

A rich diversity of knowledge will enrich your skillset and enhance your opportunities,” said Inkumbi. With the scarcity of jobs and high unemployment rate among the youth, Inkumbi said the shrinking market for a permanent job is a global trend and it doesn’t matter how accomplished or learned a person is – some will find difficulty in getting jobs. 

“At its roots, entrepreneurship is concerned with self-sufficiency, being creative and working for yourself. If you apply the practices of entrepreneurship correctly, you will not need to seek employment. You will provide for yourself, then begin to grow and eventually be able to create employment for others – and you will grow even more,” hinted Inkumbi. He urged potential entrepreneurs to knock on the DBN doors for financial assistance. 

Enabling job creators… Founder of IUM David Namwandi at the opening of the institution’s 2020 academic year.

2020-02-14  Paheja Siririka

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