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IUM student stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend

2019-04-01  Selma Ikela

IUM student stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend

WINDHOEK - A student from the International University of Management (IUM) was last Thursday allegedly stabbed to death by her former boyfriend whom she broke up with last year.  

The former boyfriend has been admitted at Katutura State Hospital in serious condition after he failed to cut his throat with a knife in a botched suicide attempt.

The incident happened in Havana informal settlement during the wee hours of Thursday morning.
The deceased identified as Justine Amweelo   who was seeing someone else was four months pregnant with the baby of her current boyfriend.

Khomas regional police commander confirmed to New Era the suspect is in a critical condition in hospital.
New Era was informed Amweelo was pursuing a Bachelor of Education Honours at IUM and was a student teacher for Natural Science and Mathematics at People’s Primary school (PPS) in Katutura as part of her academic programme to gain practical experience as a teacher. 

A teacher, Esther Shatiwa who oversaw Amweelo at PPS said the deceased started teaching her Grade 6 Natural Science pupils this semester. “She was humble and kind to the learners. When the learners hear of her passing, it will be a shock to them just like me, “said Shatiwa, who learnt about Amweelo passing through the reporter on Saturday. 

Amweelo and the ex-boyfriend where neighbours and their shacks are beside each other.  They individually stayed alone in their shacks. A neighbour, Eveline Henock who could hear the commotion outside told New Era that the ex-boyfriend approached Amweelo’s shack at 12:07 on Thursday morning with a panga and asked her to open the door. “He was hacking the door-forcing to enter her shack. Amweelo was screaming. He entered and dragged her out into his shack where he stabbed her on the left side of her chest,” stated Henock.  

Henock said she heard Amweelo’s footsteps after she left her ex-boyfriend’s shack screaming but collapsed shortly after she left the ramshackle dwelling.

When asked why she did not intervene after hearing the commotion, Henock said she was scared to leave her house as the attacker has a big physique and feared he might attack her as well.
Henock woke up in the morning to follow up on the previous night’s commotion and discovered Amweelo body lying on the ground and the police was notified.

After the police arrived and were busy at the scene, they heard someone coughing from the ex-boyfriend’s shack and upon inquiry, they discovered that he had locked himself inside. 

“He (ex-boyfriend) had a cut on his throat and his shack had blood all over,” added Henock.
Amweelo’s father, Jafet was saddened by untimely death of his daughter. He said if a woman did not want a man, he should respect her choice and leave her alone. 

According to the father, his daughter ended the relationship but the ex-boyfriend was harassing and questioning if she was seeing someone else.

2019-04-01  Selma Ikela

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