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IUM students take on depression fight

2021-11-24  Staff Reporter

IUM students take on depression fight
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Emilie Shimbali


Due to an increase in suicides among the youth, two International University of Management (IUM) students have started assisting fellow youth who are struggling with academic and social issues.

They do so through daily WhatsApp seminars and thereby are trying to combat depression.

Emma Sephora Nzinu is in her third year of a bachelor’s degree in education, and Loide Nguulondo, also known as ‘Love more,’ is a writer, aspiring fashion model and early childhood education advocate, who believes that actions speak louder than words. She is a first-year education student. 

They are both survivors of depression, which is why they use their experiences to help other students. 

The two are not social workers, but simply care about humanity and understand what fellow students are going through, said Nzinu.

“Because ‘Love more’ enjoys writing, I approached her about writing something that we could share with other students, but we wanted to make sure it was well-received,” she added. 

“She then suggested forming a WhatsApp group, and we created a poster and shared it on social media to reach out to students who are interested. As time passed, we received an incredibly large number of requests for students who wanted to join.”

To date, the group has 225 members, and they formed a second group on Telegram, which has 110 members from various campuses and colleges.

Students in the group share their stories, pose questions and contribute to discussions.

“We encourage daily talks and advice. We have received testimonies from some students, saying they now understand their mental health, and can focus and concentrate on their learning.”

Nzinu stated that recovering from depression necessitates a lifelong commitment. 

“When something bad happens, you have three options: it either strengthens you; destroys you; or defines you, but remember, suicide is not an option.”

The two are still looking for a better platform and volunteers to engage more university students, and they are still accepting new students at 0815964590.


2021-11-24  Staff Reporter

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