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Jaliza a queen in every right

2021-04-30  Strauss Lunyangwe

Jaliza a queen in every right

Songbird Jaliza Jalilie is determined to dethrone her detractors and claim her seat at the royal table of music.

The 29-year-old musician, who is known for her vocal ability and lively performances, told VIBEZ!: “I denote myself as a queen, boss and big girl who can stand on her own.”

Jaliza, as she is known in the music industry, took to her social media handles recently to announce her new music video titled ‘Kai/goas’. 

The story behind the song, she said, is to make her mark with a beautiful love story. 

In the song, she tells this particular guy whom she is dating not to waste her time, because the moment she leaves she is not coming back. 

“This also serves as a love letter to my fans for their undying support and unconditional love. My fans’ love is beyond description,” explained Jaliza.

The video which was directed and produced by Desert Films, has garnered over 6 000 views in just one week. 

With eight years in the local music industry, Jaliza said she has overcome a lot in her career and owes her success to her adoring fans. 

“I am who I am because of my fans and their support. I am only as good as the people who support my art. I am unstoppable and unapologetic when it comes to music. I do what I do best and keep the focus, and never fight hate with hate - that’s what keeps me relevant.” 

Jaliza also revealed that they are gearing up to a summer release for the album, which will feature other notable local and international artists.

Not one to mince her words, Jaliza said she cannot be categorised as only a Ma/Gaisa artist, because her talent spills over to other genres that have emerged in recent times. 

“I am a versatile artist; my music is not based on only Ma/Gaisa, it’s built out of many genres. This will be a new and different Jaliza. Amapiano is a worldwide celebrated genre and I also have a song that is Amapiano genre, which will be dropped this summer with the video. So, I keep up with what’s new and find ways to come back 10 times stronger…The game is the game and we came to play.” 

Asked about fans hinting that she would be the next Ma/Gaisa Queen, Jaliza downplayed it, saying she is a queen in her own league.

“I am a force to be reckoned with and whenever I hear that I am a queen of mai/gaisa, I am humbled and thankful, but let’s stick to Queen Jaliza who is in her own league. The best competition is me and I compete with myself, because when you compete with others it tends to be quite distractive.” -

2021-04-30  Strauss Lunyangwe

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