• September 30th, 2020

Jericho and King Tee Dee cross swords

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – The verbal spat between Namibian music giants Jericho and King Tee Dee almost got out of hand as the newly born again and legendary hip hop star was agitated with the time allocated to King Tee Dee last weekend at the Old School benefit concert.

Jericho who accepted Christ a few months ago had some unsavoury words for King Tee Dee after his performance.

King Tee Dee who looked calm as Jericho was pointing fingers to him immediately walked away while other artists were trying to bring peace between the two.

Some event-goers who looked on as the gospel singer was venting his frustrations at the charity concert organisers were quick to question if his old life has caught up with him again.

It is alleged that his behaviour was questionable as some could easily notice in his performance. The fracas continued off stage because some artist were given preferential treatment compared to others.

Jericho’s behaviour towards other artists who performed at the concert instilled doubts among his fans as some were questioning his Christianity and the promise he made to change his old habits which he had been struggling with for so many years.

Talking to Entertainment Now!  Jericho denied his actions, saying there is no bad blood between him and King Tee Dee and he has no reason to offend him and his fans.

“All I did was take a microphone from him because he performed longer than any other artists and that was not fair to us because we travelled long distances to go perform and we were running out of time, that is why some artists could not perform. Some of us were treated unfairly and I could not stand it,” he said.

According to the ‘I still love you’ hitmaker, King Tee Dee wanted to perform a whole album while he was only expected to perform two to three songs to give a chance to other artists.

The award-winning artist is known to have had a bad drinking habit which he recently divorced from when he became a born again a few months ago.
“I am a changed man now, I accepted Jesus Christ and I will never turn back anymore,” were some of Jericho’s words in the previous interview with Entertainment Now! 

The Old School benefit concert was organised by Patty’s Heart Foundation to contribute to poverty eradication through charity work.

Entertainment Now! could not reach the chairperson of Patty’s Heart Foundation, Theunis “Zox” Kandjii and King Tee Dee at the time of going to print.

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