• October 1st, 2020

Job interviews a waste of time - teachers

OMUTHIYA - A number of unemployed qualified teachers staged a peaceful demonstration at Omuthiya on Friday where they demanded the abolishment of job interviews, claiming the process was a waste of resources as hundreds scramble for few posts. 
In the petition, also copied to education ministry executive director Sanet Steenkamp and minister Anna Nghipondoka, graduates argued it was worthless to invite many people for an interview while in essence, it is only one or two posts that are available. 

“We, therefore, request the ministry of education to review and set aside the interviews and written tests for teachers, because it often results in a waste of transport and accommodation fees,” said the group’s spokesperson Johannes Lukas who handed the petition to the Oshikoto chief regional officer Frans Enkali on behalf of the governor Penda Ya Ndakolo. 
“We have thus agreed and resolved that the ministry creates a database of graduates to make it easier to place teachers according to the years of completion, and this should be implemented soon.” 

It was suggested this could be done at the national level using a compiled list of possible graduates from various institutions of higher learning. 
The petition, which includes an array of concerns as well as demands, further calls for a moratorium on transfers of teaching staff for three years, to allow unemployed qualified teachers to be placed. 
The group, however, maintained cross transfers should remain in place. 

The teachers also pleaded with the ministry to open up posts and advertise them. Another demand was that all junior posts occupied by unqualified teachers must be given to unemployed and qualified candidates. 
In the same vein, they demanded that teachers younger than 60 years who voluntarily resign should not be recruited back into the system for a minimum of five or 10 years. 

“Differentiation of Oshindonga and Oshikwanyama at Junior primary must also be abolished. For as long as a person is a native of Oshiwambo, qualified and able to communicate and make learners understand, must be given a chance. Furthermore, we call upon the ministry to avoid preferential appointments with Unam graduates being more preferred over others,” said Lukas. The ministry was given until 26 June to respond to the demands.
- osimasiku@nepc.com.na 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-06-22 08:46:22 | 3 months ago

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