• January 20th, 2020

Kalahari Desert: Commander assures no lives will be lost

WINDHOEK - Khomas police commander, Commissioner Joseph Shikongo said they want phase four of Operation Kalahari Desert to end without any loss of life.

Shikongo stated they are not supporting any death of any Namibian but also want citizens to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies.

He made the remarks during the launch of phase four of Operation Kalahari Desert on Monday. 
During the past operations, two civilians were shot dead in Windhoek while another was wounded during a shooting incident in Walvis Bay.

“If there is cooperation between the public and security agencies, I can assure you there will be no incidence of shooting. So, when members of the law enforcement find you and ask for your driver’s licence - give it. I always give feedback that on the challenges we face, the negative reaction we are getting from individuals is more than the incidence that happen,” stated Shikongo. The commissioner said members of the operation have no intention of beating people or turning weapons to people, as they are there to protect citizens and those visiting the country. Shikongo shared that NDF members who are part of the operation went through an induction training, which started on Friday and ended on Sunday.  He said the NDF members successfully concluded the induction training and were trained in crime-prevention in general and municipals by-laws.

The police resumed the operation after third the phase of the operation ended on 7 October. 
Despite the recess, Shikongo said they were still on the ground, as they did not want to leave a vacuum.

Selma Ikela
2019-10-23 07:25:12 | 2 months ago

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