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Kapana film a depiction of a Namibian love story

2020-05-22  Paheja Siririka

Kapana film a depiction of a Namibian love story

Namibian filmmakers have once again proven that there is hope in the local industry, through Kapana, a 60-minute long flick. The film aims to enlighten locals and film lovers across the world that love does exist and can be found in the most unexpected places. The film is being produced by Ombetja Yehinga Organisation Trust, a Namibian welfare organisation that was established in December 2002 and was officially launched in March 2003.

Shot in Windhoek, the film is a representation of inclusivity, incorporating one of the kapana vendors Simon Hanga as one of its characters (Simeon). Director of the film Philippe Talavera justified kapana market is the perfect setting of the film, as it plays a major role. Kit Hofmann (‘Baxu and the giants’) was the director of photography. Award-winning Haiko Bolt edited the film. Musicians Ponti Dikuua and Micheal Pulse also did their part and contributed to the music.

Talavera said: “Let us just say that (Kapana) looks at one of the many love stories that happen or could happen in Namibia. It follows two characters who have little in common and against all odds fall in love. Like any love stories, it has its romantic moments and its drama”. Talavera is also the director of Ombetja Yehinga Organisation Trust. 

The flick is a concept of two amazingly talented writers Senga Brockenhoff and Mikiros Garoes. “We then embarked on research, interviewing people and invited a brilliant team of writers to pen the script. Ultimately, the two lead writers are Senga Brockenhoff and Mikiros Garoes – and kapana is in many ways the product of their hard work,” stated Talavera.

The lead actors are multi-award winning performer Adriano Visagie (winner Sotigui Award for best actor Southern Africa 2019, Burkina Faso); award-winning actress Mikiros Garoes; ‘Third Will’ actors Foreversun Haiduwah and Albertina Hainane; Jeremiah Jeremiah (seen in ‘Salute!’); newcomers Simon Hanga, Chanwrill Vries and Lukas Paulus, as well as veteran actors Felicity Celento, Elize de Wee and Dawie Engelbrecht.

No premiere date has yet been announced due to the Covid-19 crisis. “We are waiting to see when public gatherings will be permitted again. Premieres are the celebration of the hard work of everybody – cast and crew – put in the film and we want to make sure we can present the film properly,” established Talavera.

Philippe Talavera is known for directing movies such as Salute, Kukuri, Pap and Milk, and Stinky Boy.



2020-05-22  Paheja Siririka

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