• April 22nd, 2019
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//Karas artists exploited and ignored


Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop-Rock and reggae artist Ras Ronald has bemoaned the lack of support and opportunities for artists in the //Karas region. Ras says the region is blessed with talented people; especially the youth, who in his opinion should not be wandering around the streets without jobs but should be making a living from their talents. However, sadly this is not case, as nothing has come from the talents of many young people because no one gives them the necessary support for them to realise their potential. “I have come to realise there are many people that can be employed in the music industry in this region. There are many talented young people with potential, but they are not identified and not polished,” Ras says. Some of those who try to make use of their talents also face many hurdles, such as lack of funds, equipment and opportunities to showcase their talents. Even when artists try their best to make music, they end up making losses as the community does not support them by buying their music, nor do event organisers invite local artists to perform. When people do pay them, they are paid peanuts or nothing at all, which he says condemns many artists to poverty. “A plate of food has been the mode of payment to artists in this region. After the artists have been used or misused, they are given a plate of food as payment, but sometimes the food is even finished and they get nothing,” he says. Ras also castigates event organisers in the region for sidelining local artists during big events, while they pay big money for artists from other regions. He appealed to regional leaders and businesses to support local artists to realise their potential and help them make a decent living from their talent.
New Era Reporter
2017-10-13 12:12:00 1 years ago

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