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Katima endures a week without water

2020-03-09  Obrien Simasiku

Katima endures a week without water
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OMUTHIYA – Residents of Katima Mulilo last week endured seven days without tap water as the town experienced an interruption at NamWater’s main supply pipeline. 

The problem started on Sunday when a pipeline at Zambezi Water Front supplying the town broke down. Another breakage in the water pipeline was also experienced between the Zambezi Regional Council and Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources.

The CEO of Katima Mulilo, Raphael Liswaniso in a telephonic interview said NamWater personnel were hard at work fixing the pipeline and anticipates residents of the town will have their water supply fully restored as of Friday.

“On the second pipe break it took officials time to figure out where it happened, but as I am speaking to you, they are attending to it and I can assure residents the situation will soon be restored,” said Liswaniso.
He said the problem is with the water infrastructure, which is too old which results in pipe burst from time to time.

“These are asbestos pipes that have limited lifespan, as a result these pipes break because of age. This needs to be replaced to avoid regular pipe bursts, but the problem is they are capital intensive due to its costly exercise of replacement. Therefore, they get replaced each time there is a breakage or damage, and eventually one day they will all be replaced,” explained the CEO.

Katima Mulilo has a history of water cuts as a result of dilapidated infrastructures, a situation that has been leaving residents prone to crocodile attacks as they are prompted to fetch water directly from the Zambezi River. 

2020-03-09  Obrien Simasiku

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