• July 21st, 2019
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Kavango East rolls out infrastructural projects

Kavango East
Kavango East

John Muyamba RUNDU - Kavango East Governor Dr Samuel Mbambo says the region has registered noteworthy infrastructure developments in the 2017/18 financial year in all constituencies. The governor was speaking at the Kavango East Regional Council auditorium, where he delivered his 2018 State of the Region Address yesterday. “In the 2017/18 financial year, the region was allocated N$241 853 000 for regional capital development projects and initiatives. While this has always not been enough, I am proud to share with you some success from the implementation of these capital projects in the 2017/2018,” he said. Mbambo acknowledged infrastructure development is the backbone of socio-economic development of any country, region and constituency, “Our region have registered some progress worth reporting in the following constituencies, were various projects have been completed,” he added. In Rundu Urban Constituency, a Technical Block at Noordgrens Secondary School was renovated. The governor also reported on the ongoing construction of the Abattoir in Rundu with progress said to be at 65 per cent execution rate and the project is under the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. “Construction of new Government offices for the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has been completed,” governor said. Construction of the regional headquarters for the Ministry of Land Reform is at 95 percent execution rate. The governor also reported on the NORED Regional Office which is under-construction with 75 percent execution rate as well as the ongoing construction of the Rundu Vocational Centre (RVTC) Agricultural section for AgriVET program, “This project is still at an infancy stage,” he said. Other projects that have been achieved are the renovation and revamping of NBC Wato FM regional office, which is completed. At UNAM Rundu Campus, renovations and revamping of the lecture halls and Tennis Court are at 95 percent completion. Construction of two new NamWater water reservoirs in Rundu Urban Constituency was completed. “In Ndonga Linena Constituency, the electrification of Kagcuva Primary School, was among the completed projects, along with the construction of the prefabricated clinic at Ndonga Linena and the construction of the Hompa Kasian Siyambi NamPower sub-station, constructed borehole and 4 km pipeline at Shikenge village constructed by Aqua Drilling was donated to the community,” he said. In Ndiyona Constituency, construction of staff accommodation at Ndiyona, Directorate of Veterinary is said to be at 90 percent execution rate. The provision of services (construction and installation of oxidation pond, sewer, water, roads, and electricity in Ndiyona settlement was also achieved including all diesel water pump machines of villages that resides in the conservancies were replaced with solar. In Rundu Rural Constituency, drilling and installation of one borehole at Mayana village in Rundu Rural Constituency was supported by European Union and implemented by the Namibia Red Cross. The office complex at Uvhungu-vungu Green Scheme has been revamped and the construction of modern greenhouse for horticulture has been completed. The governor reported that in Mukwe Constituency the renovation of Mukwe Circuit office and staff accommodation, Directorate of Education was completed and so was the Palisade Fence at Divundu Logistic Park for Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development. “This project is an on-going project with 65 percent execution rate for phase 1,” Mbambo noted. Relocation and construction of Andara Oxidation Pond by the Directorate of Health and Social Services was completed. In Omega 1, construction of the warehouse for the Bee-Keeping project was completed, “this is the project for Kavango Regional Council,” he noted. In Mashare Constituency during the year under review, only three boreholes were installed, installation of water pipeline from Mupapama to Rundjarara villages over five km was completed. “Construction of prefabricated structure at Mupapama clinic - completed and also the new Mashare Green Scheme project was also completed and is ready for operation,” Mbambo said. In the area of roads infrastructure, “I am pleased to report that the following achievements are worth noting: Maria Mwengere Road connecting the Rundu Vocational Centre and UNAM Rundu Campus, this project is near completion, Mbwangungu Hamutenya Road upgraded to bitumen standard in Rundu Town (Rundu Urban Constituency) is also near completion.” The governor further reported that all existing gravel roads in the region in all six constituencies were maintained, in exception of Ndonga Linena-Ngcogco-Shakambu-Ncaute and Divundu-Mushangara roads. Maintenance of existing surfaced links in the entire road network in all constituencies (N$5.9 Million was spent). “I must mention that this is an on-going exercise. Furthermore, Roads Authority embarked on maintenance of road reserves in all major roads,” he wrapped up his address.
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