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Khanyi says women should accept their dark skin…but gives tips on skin bleaching

2021-11-16  Staff Reporter

Khanyi says women should accept their dark skin…but gives tips on skin bleaching

Khanyi Mbau has never hidden the fact that she bleaches her skin – and just wants to be lighter in complexion than she is now. 

She recently revealed she was tired of using skin products that are available on the market – and because of that, she will be getting back to the skin-lightening game very soon. 

Khanyi went on to ask her fans what they wanted her to address on the next episode of skin lightening, and they responded in multitudes, with many asking questions, ranging from what products are the best to use and why she decided to bleach her skin. 

In response, she said: “Same way you bleach your hair, wear a blonde wig, add lashes to your African eyelids or add extensions to your naturally short African hair”.

The latest episode also sees her continuing to give tips on the right way to bleach your skin, but she still insists on the fact that women should be able to appreciate their dark skin and not feel the need to change their appearance.

When asked whether or not she will be going back to skin lightening, or whether she is taking a permanent break, Khanyi responded by saying she is back in the field, but that Dubai makes it hard to keep her complexion. 

This can only mean that she will not be going dark again as she had previously announced.

Khanyi also went ahead to share her journey in skin lightening: how it started and how the process has been so far. 

“It started out as a quick solution to sunburns when I used to drive my Peugeot 206 cc. I played Doobsie, then I was out of continuity coz I was very dark from the sun; bought a cheap bleaching cream; it did wonders, so I enjoyed my ride and didn’t p_ss off production.”

“A few months into this new hack, I liked my lighter look. It made me feel rich, and I was getting all the compliments on my glow-up! Ego booster. I then fell in love with the girl in the mirror, and chose this packaging for brand Khanyi like Beyonce chose her big fan on stage. To sum it up, the journey has been cool but with great difficulty that none of you should have to face coz nobody wants to address this issue – and this is an age-long game.” 

Would Khanyi encourage someone to lighten their skin because they feel they are too dark? 

On that, she says: “No! But I will encourage you to be the image you have set for yourself! Remember, this body stays here! 



2021-11-16  Staff Reporter

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