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//Kharas calls technocrats to servant leadership

2023-01-30  Staff Reporter

//Kharas calls technocrats to servant leadership

Alie Thaniseb


KEETMASHOOP – Member of the //Kharas Regional Council Jeremias Goeieman has urged regional administrators to remain committed to their work and fulfil their responsibilities to the community.

During the opening ceremony of the //Karas Regional Council, while addressing regional staff, professionals, administrative executives and heads of decentralised functions of the region, the Berseba constituency councillor said, “let us sustain what was good in 2022. Let us improve on service delivery”.

Goeieman further cautioned regional executives to “stay within your lanes. Politicians [should] do their work, and executives [should] apply what they were appointed for”.

Administrative executives, as employees of the government, have a managerial and operational duty more than the councillors do.

Regional councillors and administrative executives frequently engage in ideological indifferences in the workplace, which drastically reduces professional output and hinders regional development programmes.

“Let us listen to our people without discrimination. Also, listen to alternative views and appreciate those different views,” he urged the administrators.

“We have to embark on new programmes, projects and prospects, but it is equally important that we take stock,” he emphasised.

“Did we deliver on the mandate given to us by the people,” the councillor asked.   ‘’I want us to become servant leaders,” he said.

 The councillor also encouraged empathy towards the public, urging executive administrators to have foresight when dealing with the community and not to focus on petty issues, but to strive towards the regional vision. “Let us take off the shoes of superiority – bossy attitude – ‘no one will tell me’ behaviour and strive towards community upliftment. Let me wish you a fruitful and productive year. Let hard work be our motto,” he said.

//Karas Regional Council serves the region’s 76 000 residents.

2023-01-30  Staff Reporter

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