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//Kharas farmers urged to register for drought relief

2019-05-17  Staff Reporter

//Kharas farmers urged to register for drought relief
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Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP- Commercial, communal and resettlement farmers from the //Kharas Region attended a drought-relief information sharing meeting in Keetmanshoop earlier this week where they were implored to register for government drought relief interventions.
The aim of this meeting was for various ministerial representatives to assess and deliberate on the current drought situation in the region. 
Lucia Basson, the //Kharas Regional Governor was of the opinion the current drought situation in the country is affecting everybody, including those not farming since “agriculture, and specifically farming has a tremendous impact on the economy of the country”.
She further advised farmers to put their minds together in order to know where they stand with the current drought situation.
Basson then called on the respective government officials to identify farmers who will qualify for drought assistance offered in order for them to register as beneficiaries. 
“We as farmers, be it commercial, communal or resettled should give each other advice and adopt a culture of sharing, especially when it comes to access to water,” stated the governor.
 She added that she is aware of the struggles communal farmers experienced, living under very difficult circumstances to make a living. “These people are however sometimes reluctant to migrate to better grazing areas since they grow up and believes they belong there,” noted Basson.
“Water is life and it is very sad to see how these poor farmers suffer due to the fact that they do not have water on their farms,” said the //Kharas regional governor.
She continued that it is worrisome that the rural water supply function in government has been decentralized to regional level without funds. 
“This is a serious concern that needs to be addressed on the highest levels in government,” she said.
“Go and register in large numbers in order for //Kharas to be the first to qualify and receive these drought relief benefits, do not wait until the last moment,” Basson advised farmers.

2019-05-17  Staff Reporter

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