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//Kharas PDMYL vows socio-economic reforms

2021-09-02  Steven Klukowski

//Kharas PDMYL vows socio-economic reforms

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP - The //Kharas region’s Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) chairperson Innocent Mathys says the recently elected youth wing will make its mark and bring about change.

He said this during a press conference where the body was officially introduced. “We, PDMYL, hereby want to assure the broader youth in the region and all its inhabitants of our commitment to fight for their rights and dignity as much as possible,” he promised. 

The youth leader said whilst outlining the organisation’s goals that they want to empower the youth to engage in activities that will lead to the development of the //Kharas region.

“Our main objectives are to identify potential opportunities through which the youth can gain skills, youth engagement on all social levels, advance civil society growth, poverty reduction, economic expansion and innovation by strengthening youth participation, to constantly engage with schools to identify needy schoolgoing youth and assist where necessary, and lastly to fight corrupt activities that might disadvantage the youth,” Mathys stated. 

He then raised the concern that for too long under the deceptive line of “people in the south are lazy”, its inhabitants have been denied opportunities of employment, land and housing, amongst others. 

“This will have to come to an end. We indeed have qualified, competent and energetic people in the south, from the south, whose interest lies in the development of the south and its people,” he emphasised. The youth leader furthermore argued that despite the south being blessed with an abundance of resources, its youth and senior citizens are still suffering in abject poverty.  

“The PDMYL is, however, dedicated towards the socio- economic betterment of all residents in the region, and would therefore hold hands with any stakeholder in order to improve the lives of our people,” Mathys added.

The youth wing fully acknowledges that with rights come responsibilities, and therefore plead with fellow youth members to bring their part in the transformation of the region. 

“We need to take education seriously for self-development and for the benefit of the region and the nation at large,” he continued. During the recent elections, Mathys emerged victorious (gaining 10 out of 16 votes) over his deputy, Lonzondo Gawachas, while Mina Freyer was elected as regional coordinator (securing 11 out of 18 votes), with Rollionne Stoffel as her deputy. Chevandre Meintjies secured the treasurer position.


2021-09-02  Steven Klukowski

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