• July 12th, 2020

//Kharas residents shiver amidst frigid weather

Steven Klukowski

Some farmers in the //Kharas region could incur potential livestock losses should the cold conditions, compounded by windy and rainy conditions, prevail in the south. This is the view of Karasburg Farmers Association chairperson Hansie Esthuyse. 
“It is more specifically large livestock losses that can be possibly experienced if these freezing temperatures continue with winds and rains,” he said in a brief interview with New Era.

 He said farmers in the south western parts of the country at places like Grunau and Warmbad are more likely to be worst affected by the freezing weather. He said he has also received more reports that freezing temperatures could be expected at Aus, as fog patches have been visible on the Aus Mountains. 

“I have been reliably informed by farmers that they experienced icy cold weather conditions, accompanied by frost, over the past weekend at Helemeringhausen and farms surrounded by the Karasberge, whilst no incidents of small or large stock losses have been reported so far,” said Esthuyse.  

Namibia Meteorological Services weather forecaster Richard Nashikaku informed New Era that these freezing weather conditions can be expected to continue for the rest of this week in the region and frost at some places. 
“Temperatures below 5°C can be expected during the early morning and late nights at most parts of the region, whilst it will increase gradually to approximately 20°C during the day,” he explained. 

Nashikaku said low temperatures could mainly be attributed to a strong cold front, accompanied by cut-off low temperatures from the Western Cape over parts of the //Kharas region. 
He explained the cold front suppresses maximum temperature at some places, causing an influx of cold air. 
“The cloudless skies in some parts of the //Kharas region can be regarded as another influencing factor resulting in a loss of heat conditions,” said the weather forecaster. 

According to him, these conditions can, apart from some areas of the //Kharas region, also be expected in places such as Gobabis and some parts of Khomas region.
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2020-06-16 09:57:22 | 26 days ago

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